A Discussion on Personalities. What Type of Personality are You?

First off, no, I’m not dead. I’ve just been swamped this summer with work and haven’t been able to find the time this summer for any fun writing. I took on a freelance marketing/advertising project to promote a friend’s horse business and horse sale. And it has been an undertaking. I’ve had to completely revamp both of his websites, both of which were just bare bones, and since I’m not much of a web designer myself, I’ve been learning a lot. Hopefully this fall/winter things will quiet down and I’ll get back to doing some fun writing.

But anyway, on to other things.

Earlier this week I had an interesting discussion with my mother. We were discussing the graduate class my older brother is currently taking. It’s a leadership geared graduate course where one person from each of the state departments are chosen by the Governor  to take every other year (or maybe three years, can’t remember) and he applied and was chosen from the Agriculture department.

But back to my point. One of the things they had recently done in one of their sessions was to take a personality test. He was explaining his results to our mom and talking about what things he thought were right and what he thought was “way off”. We got quite a kick out of it because we thought it was spot on with him.

But we got to discussing personality test and their results. My mom has actually taken one twice. She once participated in a very similar ag-leadership graduate program a lot like the one my sister-in-law is actually currently taking and so mom had to take a personality test as well with it.

Some of you may be familiar with them, or at least heard of the name of the most common one, the Myers-Briggs personality test. It breaks people down into 16 different classifications of personalities using terms like extrovert, introvert, sensing, intuition, thinking, feeling, judgement and perception.

Interestingly enough, I came to realize that I was the only one in my immediate family who had never taken a Myers-Briggs test. My brother and his wife have done them, my mother has done the test twice, my father has done one as well, and even several of my aunts and uncles have taken the test.

But not me.

Hmmm…. I decided it might be interesting to know what I was. I’ve always thought of myself as being of a fairly similar personality as my mother since we are actually pretty close friends. Hell, we own a company together and work side-by-side every stinking day, so yeah, I figured we were pretty similar if we get along so well.

How wrong I was. After taking the test, I realized our results were about as opposite as could be. My mother is an ESTJ, meaning she’s an Extrovert (e), Sensing (s), Thinking (t), Judgement (j). My results showed me to be an ISFP: Introvert (i), Sensing (s), Feeling (f), Perception (p).

We only had one letter or category in common.

But in some ways, it made a lot of sense. It’s the fact that we are so different that actually makes us so compatible and such good business partners.

In following the reading and descriptions of my personality, I was amazed at how spot on the description of an ISFP was. Even down to little details about myself and how I handle situations.

I took the test at my mother’s urgings and as usual, tough I’m loath to admit it 😉 , she was right.

It’s something that is important to know about yourself. Not only for work, but also for your personal life.

I can’t stress that enough. Whether it’s for work or just for your personal life, I think it is something everyone should know so they are aware of not only how they handle conflict, but also how they handle group dynamics and how best to manage stress. Heck, it can even help you decide the best career path.

Myers-Briggs Test

This is an easy to take test. It takes a little bit of time but it’s well worth it. All I can say is be honest with yourself as you take. And think hard about what your personality really is and not what you’d like it to be.

Even if you’ve taken one before, don’t hesitate to take it again. If it’s been a while, you might be surprised to see how much you’ve changed. My mother said some of her’s changed slightly the second time around.

It can help you to not only understand what your personality is, but to understand what your shortcomings are so you can figure out how to make up for them or even fake it. Now me, I’ll admit, I am an introvert by nature. But a lot of people would never know that about me. For work, when I’m freelance writing, or just whenever I need to be, I can fake extrovert with the best of them. Mostly because even as a kid who hadn’t taken a personality test, I knew I was an introvert and knew sometimes I would have to pretend I wasn’t.  Whether we’d like to admit it or not. Sometimes you have to be a certain kind of personality for our professions, and understanding what your personality actually IS is the first step to faking whatever you need to be.

I also really liked some of the newer Keirsey Temperament classifications that it discussed in relation to the Myers-Briggs personality classifications. According to it my ISFP makes me an Artisan Composer. And again, I thought so much of the description about the Artisan Composer was written about me specifically.

It’s even neat to read through and see what kinds of jobs they would recommend for you and even who other famous ISFPs were. I share a personality with the likes of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Steven Spielburg, Mel Brooks, Bob Dylan, Marie Antoinette, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Donald Trump. Plus a bunch more I didn’t list. Quite the interesting list though isn’t it?

Here’s a direct link to the older and newer descriptions of my ISFP personality. The older ISFP profile & The Keirsey Temperament – the Artisan Composer

Now I lay a challenge before you all. Take the test and see what your personality is. And let us know! If you don’t feel like telling us what your specific personality is, then at least  tell us some of your thought about it.

Did you think k it was right? If not, tell us what personality you think you should have been.

As tomorrow is my 26th birthday, your answers can be your gift to me. That’s all I’m asking for this year. Because I for one have found the topic to be very interesting and enlightening.

I hope it is for you too!


9 responses to “A Discussion on Personalities. What Type of Personality are You?

  1. INTJ – pretty spot on personality and career wise, Computer programmer, lawyer or librarian with a stick up their a bum. Yup, pretty spot on. Not so sure about the Mastermind bit though.

  2. I have taken this test before, at both work and during college, as well as other personality tests. I’m slightly introverted, distinctively intuitive, and moderately feeling and judging, so INFJ. It is a fairly accurate representation of me, but I fin that these are fluid and depend on the situation. It was enlightening to me that Immanuel Kant was the famous person that shares my traits. I’ve read everything he’s written from Groundwork on the Metaphysics of Morals to Perpetual Peace, and his philosophical treatises have definitely influenced my own beliefs.

    Interesting post! I hope the summer quiets down for you and you can get back to writing again, but best of luck with your current endeavors!

  3. Oh wow! Last time I took it and was classified as INFJ. I’m actually surprised, but it didn’t change. I’m still a very strong INFJ personality type. I suppose it’s fitting, if a bit frightening. Great post!!

  4. Happy Birthday!!

    I am an INFP, I’ve take it in the past & had the same results. I think it is really spot on.
    I am an Idealist-Healer & counselling is the top match for me career-wise. Which is funny because I am an Administrative Assistant in a family therapy office.

    Princess Diana, Michel de Montaigne, J.K. Rowling and Anton Chekhov have the same personality type as I do.

  5. i’m a INTJ – pretty spot on!
    since i havn’t even left A level yet and the Biology/medicine is the approach i’m interested in!

    moderately expressed introvert
    slightly expressed intuitive personality
    slightly expressed thinking personality
    distinctively expressed judging personality

    sorry its lat but hope you had a good birthday!

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