A Quick Question

I’ve been having a hard time and struggling with writing my SVM stories lately, and for that I deeply apologize.

For whatever reason, lately I’ve been having a lot more success in writing my fanfiction for Lord of the Rings. (I’ll admit, I’m kinda a closet geek/nerd 😉 )

I started out in fanfiction reading LotR, but eventually moved over to Southern Vampire Mysteries, but since I’ve been struggling to get back into SVM, I decided to write this LotR story since it has been percolating in my mind for a while. I’ve never actually written one for LotR before, but I have been reading them a bit again lately, and this idea came to mind. It has  a lot of paranormal influences to it since I’ve been reading so much in the paranormal genre the last several years, and my OC in the story is what I somewhat consider an alternate version of Sookie, but it is different and focused in the LotR world. Lately, it’s just been so much easier to write this story than my SVM stories. But have no fears, I do plan to finish my uncompleted SVM stories, I just need to find more inspiration for them.

In the meantime, since I’ve been working a lot more on my LotR fanfic, the question is: Is anyone here interested in reading it?

So, please take a look at the poll, and let me know what you think.


Thanks so much, and by the way, a thousand thanks to everyone for your wonderful support. Family has always been a sore subject for me, and it’s very comforting to read all your kind words of support as we struggle with our family troubles right now. So, thanks again!



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