To Protect

She was a cop in her world, cursed & banished, she ends up in Middle-earth. Now she finds herself traveling with the Fellowship & struggling to adapt to a strange world & trying not to change it. Can she find her way home & when the time comes, will she want to?

Chapter 1: Once Upon a Time in a Brothel

Chapter 2: This Sure Ain’t Kansas

Chapter 3: Campfire Stories

Chapter 4: When I Know I’m Wrong

Chapter 5: The Comfort of a Friend

Chapter 6: Misunderstandings

Chapter 7: When You Wish on a Star

Chapter 8: Friends Will Be Friends

Chapter 9: More Questions than Answers

Chapter 10: Almost Like Paradise

Chapter 11: A Few Moments More

Chapter 12: A Reason to Stay; A Reason to Go

Chapter 13: Protect the Innocence

Chapter 14: Uncertain Futures

Chapter 15: Fond Farewells to Lothlórien

Chapter 16: Bitter the Parting


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