Author’s Note

Sorry this took so long to get out. I ended up being busier the last couple of weeks than I thought I’d been, so this took longer to get to than I intended. But here it is.

Okay, so I know this is just a note and not a chapter, but there are a few things that must be said and discussed before you continue on to the end of the story.

To be honest, I really wasn’t sure just what the response would be after the way I ended the last chapter. I was really envisioning imaginary beheadings and lynchings after how I left the last chapter, so I wasn’t one hundred percent sure what direction to take the epilogue. I’ve actually had two very different epilogues in mind throughout the series, and have vacillated back and forth between them. But to be honest, I figured I’d have to go with one over the other to keep readers happy.

And before someone says, “Oh, the author should do what they want and what makes them happy and not worry about what the readers think.” Well, I just have to say that I disagree with that. For authors, (especially those who publish or hope to publish) it is very much about keeping the readers happy, too. After all, without readers, authors don’t get to write for very long. So it is very much about keeping the readers happy as well as yourself.

So I wrote two different epilogues that I could use depending on which way the readers reacted. And I must admit, there wasn’t the outcry that I had feared.

So I could go about this in several different ways.

Go with the one epilogue that’s probably more realistic and that I had intended from the start of the story.

Or go with the other epilogue that I created in my mind after I’d gotten into the series a ways and came to love my characters as much as I know many of you have. I’ll admit there’s a part of me that’s just a sucker for a happy ending and I couldn’t resist writing one for my characters.

But, there is a third option. Why does it have to be either or? Because to be honest, I love both of these epilogues for very different reasons. So who says I can’t give you both?

I remember when DVDs were brand new and so much cooler than the old VHS tapes. And I remember one of the first DVD movies I bought advertised an alternate ending and I was so pumped to see just how they could end that movie differently than what I’d seen before.

And how disappointed I was when their “alternate ending” was just a slightly different scene where the movie still ended in the same way. I always thought that was unfair. An alternate ending should mean that the ending is very different from the original that is shown.

So I’m giving that to you. Both endings, which take our character in very different directions.

The first one up will only be first because it was my original ending.

The second ending will be the one I came to create later, although I actually wrote it first. It’s the “happy” ending to the story.

So the choice is yours. Read the more realistic ending, read the “happy” ending, or read them both and see just how different Lane’s life is and could be in both endings.

It’s all up to you guys.

When you’re done reading, be sure to check out the polls in my bio on my Fanfiction page.

Epilogue: When Honor Dies


Epilogue: To Honor Wishes


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