A Change Is Gonna Come

Sometimes, it’s the simplest wishes that can change your life forever.

“Any change, even a change for the better, is accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.” Can Eric and Sookie survive the drawbacks of their changing future? Set after DitF


Chapter 1: Those Magic Changes

Chapter 2: Love Brings Change

Chapter 3: Some Things Never Change

Chapter 4: We Never Change

Chapter 5: A Change Would Do You Good

Chapter 6: What I Cannot Change

Chapter 7: Change In the Making

Chapter 8: Hold On (Change Is Comin’)

Chapter 9: We Are Here to Change the World

Chapter 10: Everything Can Change

Chapter 11: Change Don’t Come Easy

Chapter 12: Can’t Change Me

Chapter 13: Scene Change

Chapter 14: I Don’t Want Anything to Change

Chapter 15: Seasons Change

Chapter 16: Change Your Mind

Chapter 17: Nothing Can Change This Love

Chapter 18: We Change, We Wait

Chapter 19: Waiting On the World to Change

Chapter 20: Men Don’t Change

Chapter 21: Keep the Change

Chapter 22: I Can Change

Chapter 23: A Change In Me

Chapter 24: It’s Too Late to Change the Time

Chapter 25: Tides of Change

Chapter 26: Be the Change

Chapter 27: Everything Must Change

Chapter 28: I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

Chapter 29: If I Could Change It All

Chapter 30: Trust to Change

Chapter 31: If I Could Change the Future


3 responses to “A Change Is Gonna Come

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  2. Even though i am generally highly against Sookie pregnancy concept, I loved your story, call me a sucker, but i just love misunderstandings and re-unions.. and you did a remarkable job with both…Additional characters were also very interesting and made it all well-balanced.. Thumbs up and Hats off!

    • Lol, to be perfectly honest, I am actually very highly against them for the most part too. I had the idea in my mind for this story and it was based on some perceived understanding between them and how they both were jumping to conclusions and not talking to each other to find out what was really going on. So then I realized that unfortunately, the thing that would make the best fodder for their fight and mistaken assumptions with each other was Sookie getting pregnant. It wasn’t quite where I wanted to go originally with the story, but then I realized that it would actually be the perfect set-up for Eric to blow up and make false accusations against Sookie.

      Glad you liked the additional characters. Robert was one I had wanted to write again ever since I first introduced him in my first set of one-shots. And Jarl was a bit of a latecomer to the story, but he quickly became very fun to write.

      I’m so glad you liked and enjoyed reading the story. I’m ashamed at how long I’ve left the story hanging now and really hope this fall I can get back to it and wrap this one up. I hate that I’ve left it hanging out there for so long.

      Thanks again for reading!


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