Chapter 13: Scene Change

Chapter 13: Scene Change

After the fury I had felt coming from my maker, I quickly placed a phone call to him to ascertain what had befallen him. When he answered his cell phone, Eric had roared and growled at me in a manner I had never heard before. I repeatedly asked him what was wrong, and he had finally spit out that Sookie had disappeared. After he had hung up on me, I had tried calling the little telepath myself. She did not answer of course, but I left her a message advising her to remain wherever she was. I had never before thought that my maker could hurt Sookie, but then again, I had never experienced such forceful, unmitigated rage coming from my master either.

My emotions had been conflicted when I called to warn Sookie. I was unsure what had transpired, but I was angry with her for causing such forceful emotions in my maker. But another part of me and actually grown to care for that little human. She had saved not only my maker’s life in Rhodes, but she had somehow managed to save mine as well. It was astonishing that she could save two sleeping vampires from an exploding building, but somehow, she had done it. I tried to convince myself many times that she saved my existence because of Eric, but in my undead heart, I wasn’t so sure. She could have gotten just him out of there. It had to have been very difficult to get even Eric out, but she had saved me as well.

Then I had witnessed her little body broken and bleeding after the fairy war. I had ached to see her body and spirit so broken. But she had recovered, she may not have been exactly the same, but she recovered in body and spirit when even vampires might have long since met the sun. She was fierce and a warrior. Even if a fragile one. I would never forget the sight of her staking Bruno and the look of shock on his face that he met his end at the hands of that little human.

Most importantly though — she made my maker happy. Or at least, she did.

I could not imagine what had transpired for Sookie to run away from Eric, leaving her home behind. I knew he was likely angry with her for leaving, but the depth of his anger couldn’t be explained simply by her leaving. He could use his bond to find her wherever she went.

I knew there was only one way to figure out what was going on, so I left Fangtasia in Maxwell Lee’s care, and used my own bond with my maker to find him. It was not difficult. The force of his emotions pulled me like a magnet to Sookie’s home.

The sight of my maker out of control and shredding tree after tree will haunt me for many lifetimes. Never had I seen him throwing a newborn vampire’s temper tantrum. This was far more dangerous though. He was very old, and now there was no on who could stop him or control him. For several moments, I simply watched my maker in shocked silence as he continued on without even acknowledging me.

Finally, I could stand it no longer. “Eric! What are you doing? I know you are angry, but let us stop wasting time and find Sookie,” I told him, though I did not go any closer to him.

Eric swung around and actually threw a chunk of tree at me, which I was barely able to dodge. “She is dead to me! Never say that name again!”

My mouth dropped open at his vicious words. “What has happened? What is going on, Eric?” I asked in astonishment.

Eric was instantly in front of me, his hands raw and bloody. “I was not good enough for her! That whore has lain with another man who could give her children, and now she has left to go raise his mongrel trash!” he spit at me.

My hand reached up and struck my maker of its own volition. But I would not back down. “How can you say such things of your bonded? You know she is fiercely loyal to you. She would never sleep with another!” I shouted at my maker.

Eric’s face dropped within inches of mine as he continued to snarl. He shoved something I hadn’t noticed he’d been holding at my chest. “This proves her disloyalty!” he growled.

I looked down at the little white stick now in my hands. I could smell urine on it, and I finally recognized what it was. Though I had no use for them, I had always found the new inventions for women to be fascinating. I knew it was a pregnancy test, and turning it over, I saw a plus sign in the little window. My mouth dropped again in shock. “Surely there must be an explanation for this,” I whispered.

Eric spun away from me as he snarled, “Yes, that she has chosen to give a child to another man!”

I was quiet for several moments before I carefully stepped beside my maker and placed a hand on his arm. “It doesn’t matter, Eric. She is ours. Whoever fathered her child doesn’t matter. She is your pledged and bonded. Whatever children come from her loins will be your children,” I told him.

Eric jerked away from me and spun to face me again. “No children from her loins will ever be mine!” he told me coldly.

I shook my head. “Let us find her and discover what has happened,” I suggested.

“She somehow severed our bond when she left.”

I was dumbfounded, but pressed on, “It doesn’t matter. We will look for her and find her.”

“She can rot with her mongrel trash, I will not look for her,” he replied viciously.

“Then I will look for Sookie,” I started to say, but before I could react, the back of Eric’s hand sent me staggering sideways. The hit was not that forceful, certainly not as strong as Eric could have hit me, but the fact that he had struck me left me reeling. Not even when I was newly made and quite wild, had Eric ever raised his hand to me. He had restrained me several times, but never had he struck me.

“You will do no such thing and never say that name!” he spat. “As your maker, I command you to neither look for nor speak to her.”

I took one slow step away from my maker and lowered my head. I could not believe my maker would command me not to look for my mistress … my friend. In a whisper, I said, “You released me many years ago, master. I came back to you willingly to help you run Fangtasia, but now I ask that you release me again.” I felt a cold tear escape and run down my cheek, but could not bring myself to face my master again.

Eric’s voice was emotionless as he responded. “Go,” was all he said.

I bowed even lower, and began running north. I still owned a home in Minnesota, and I figured it was time to visit it once more.

I was surprised when I saw a Canadian number calling my cell phone after I had gotten to my home in Minnesota. As I answered, I was both overjoyed and despaired to hear that soft human voice.

Pam, I need to talk to you,” Sookie’s voice pleaded.

But my maker’s commands overruled my undead heart. Straining against my maker’s command, I managed to flatly answer, “My maker has commanded that I not speak to you.” Without another word, I hung up the phone and sat down on the floor of my deck overlooking the lake. My head dropped into my hands and I wept as I had not wept since I was human. Never since my turning, had I felt so helpless and alone.

A/N: I know, I know, I said I was going to do the Sam conversation next, but this little bit has been gnawing at me all day and I need to write a couple of articles for work! So I figured I’d give in to Pam’s demands and let her be heard. Maybe then, I can focus on what I’m supposed to be writing. I know it’s short, but it needed to get out!

As always, let me know what you think!

And next up, should be the Sam conversation.


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