Chapter 19: Waiting On the World to Change

Chapter 19: Waiting On the World to Change

I woke early in the afternoon, and was shocked that my bladder had let me sleep that long, though it was certainly making known at the moment how small it had become. My body felt tired and achy from having my sleep schedule thrown out of whack and just in general from being pregnant, so I puttered around the room, stretching my muscles before I changed into some loose fitting sweats and a hooded grey sweatshirt.

I hadn’t paid any attention to the room last night since I was still so upset with vampires in general and Eric in particular, but it was a very nice suite. The center of the suite was a living room space with plush couches and easy chairs around a gas fireplace with a flat screen TV above it. There was even a small kitchenette and dining room next to the end of the suite where my room was. The other end of the suite held an office area with computer and Eric’s room. I was surprised that it had a kitchenette since it was a vampire hotel room, but it appeared to be setup with a vampire and human occupant in mind. My room had a sliding door and balcony, something I was quite sure Eric’s room didn’t sport.

Going to the kitchenette, I was upset to see that though there was an array of bottled drinks, fruits, vegetables and other foods, there wasn’t any bottled blood. I guess it was in the vampire-safe room. I picked out some food to munch on, some juice, and called down to the front desk to order a meal.

Everything seemed in order until I asked them to send up some bottled blood.

“I’m sorry Ms. Jones; the room should have come stocked with bottled bloods. Was it not sufficient?” I was surprised by the surname, but assumed it was the alias Eric had assigned.

“Oh, it had enough, but we had visitors over before dawn, and we’re out now. I just wanted to make sure to restock before sunset,” I lied.

The young receptionist seemed flustered, “Well, we are currently out of stock of our bottled blood from our supplier,” she tittered, “they were suppose to make a delivery yesterday, but we haven’t received it yet.”

“When do you expect it to be in?” I asked in annoyance.

“We’re expecting it in shortly after first dark if that’ll be soon enough for ya’ll,” she said, her nervousness making her southern twang more pronounced. A good Southern drawl was something I missed in Monterey.

“Look, never mind, just send up the meal, I also need you to send up some maternity clothing. Some sundresses and blouses and slacks,” I said politely as I gave her my sizes and hung up. Guess I was heading out to get some bottled blood myself. I decided to pass the time waiting for my meal by reading a book I’d brought with, so I reclined on one of the couches to wait.

When my meal finally arrived, I saw a note taped to the door with my name written in Eric’s handwriting. I took it down to read while I ate. The man who brought my food and a selection of clothing up tried to insist that anything I ordered was to be settled with the room bill, but with a little subtle influence, I was able to get him to take cash for the clothing and food.

I sat down to eat my meal of grilled salmon and a spinach salad in the dining room and unfolded Eric’s note to read.


I know we need to meet with Stan tonight to get the details of his telepath’s disappearance, but I have already informed Stan that we will not be able to meet with him until three hours past sunset. Stan has agreed to meet us here at that time to discuss the situation in more privacy.

We need to talk. It is apparent to me that you have been doing many things I was not aware of these past five months, and I need to know the truth about your activities if I am to keep you safe while you are here.

I also ask that you do not leave the room until I rise. I am asking this for your safety Sookie. Please listen to me and remain here where you are safe. If not to make my job easier, than do it for your children.

I shall see you at first dark.


I was surprised how disappointed I was by the impersonal letter, and the fact that it was signed simply Eric, not even his normal swooping E, but I tried to take solace that Eric was trying to keep me safe. Even if his interest in keeping me safe was only for the sake of doing his “job” of taking care of me while I was here.

I knew I needed to figure out how to get some bottled blood sometime, but I also knew Eric was right and it would be safer if I stayed here. I was still tempted to teleport somewhere to get some, but I was still pretty exhausted from healing Stan last night so I decided to lie down on the couch and take a nap. I tried summoning a bottle from my fridge in Monterey, but I was still unable to summon objects. Hopefully I could figure out how to sneak some blood from Eric’s room after he woke.

Sometime later, I woke to the feeling that someone was watching me. I slowly opened my eyes to see Eric sitting motionless in the easy chair across from me. He was leaning back into the chair, with his hands gripping the arms and his legs spread wide. He was wearing black dress slacks and a dark red v-neck sweater. His hair was loose and flowing, and he looked as beautiful as he always did. I had never felt my sex drive increase during my pregnancy like some women talked about, but looking at Eric sitting across from me, I felt something ratchet up a couple of degrees.

We both remained still and watched each other for several long moments. “Good evening,” he said with a slight nod of the head.

“Morning,” I replied as I pushed myself into a sitting position and stretched my arms above my head as I tried to tamp down my suddenly awakened libido.

“You slept well?” Eric asked.

“Fine. You?”

Eric nodded. “You are feeling well?” he continued asking.

I rolled my eyes, “Are we really going to make small talk Eric? Just ask me what you want to know.”

“Why were you coming to Dallas and what was going on between you and Stan’s telepath?” Eric asked stiffly.

I raised my eyes, but answered as best as I could. “I’ve kept in contact with Barry because he’s my friend. He told me how bad off Stan was and I remembered you saying that his lieutenant Joseph was running things. Barry told me Joseph didn’t like working with humans, even telepathic ones and Barry even said he was a kind of afraid of him. He also mentioned that Stan was a bit worried about Joseph trying to overthrow him, so I offered to come and try healing Stan. I’d never tried healing a vampire before, so I was interested to see if I could do it,” I explained.

“So you thought it would be smart to come to Texas when Felipe has had his men crawling all over the South looking for you?” Eric asked sternly while leaning forward.

I shook my head. “I only came to Dallas the first time, and that was only because Stan was still too injured to travel. After that, I made him and Barry met me in different places every time.”

“How many times?” Eric interrupted.

With a huff, I replied, “I don’t remember. Six maybe seven times. What does it matter? I was always careful and even though Barry had a number to reach me at, not even he knew where I’ve really been.”

“Why would you take such idiotic risks? You should have stayed in Monterey. Every time you left you were increasing the chances that de Castro would find you and haul you back to Las Vegas,” he said as he sprang to his feet and began pacing.

I glared at Eric from my seat. “I know what I’m doing Eric. I will not become a slave to Felipe or anyone else. If keeping that from happening means making a few alliances with powerful supes who oppose him, then so be it. Stan owes me big time now, and he knows it,” I explained as my arms crossed over my chest.

“Tell me what your plans are,” Eric said as he came to a stop a few feet away from me.


Tell me what your plans are,” he said menacingly as he leaned down towards me.

“Eric, if you know what I’ve been doing, it could be considered treason against your king. As long as you don’t know what I’m doing, and I fail or don’t go through with them, then you’re in the clear. But if you know, it could be your final death. I understand more now about the kind of precarious position you’re in under Felipe, and I won’t put you at risk. So no, I won’t tell you any more than I already have. If I fail, it’s just on me, and you can go back to living the wonderful carefree life you had before I came along,” I said, nearly growling by the end in my frustration.

Eric leaned further down towards me and slammed his hand down on the coffee table, putting a rather large dent in the surface of the wood. “I will always be in a ‘precarious position’ with de Castro and that has little to do with you! Tell me what your plans are so I can keep you from getting yourself killed or enslaved you foolish woman!” he shouted at me.

I had been trying to maintain the barrier between Eric’s emotions and me since I woke up, but I was really struggling to keep even a shred of his emotion from getting through. The angrier Eric got, the more it fed my own anger, until I wasn’t sure whose anger I was even feeling anymore. I could feel both of the children moving and kicking at once.

I jumped up to give Eric a piece of my mind when I felt that familiar dizziness overcome me again. As my body started to go limp, I felt Eric gather me in his arms. I knew I had gone more than 24 hours before without drinking blood, and while I did feel generally weak, I hadn’t passed out since that first time in the hotel in Monterey. My sluggish mind reminded me that I had not only gone more than 24 hours without blood, I’d also used a fair bit of magic to heal Stan.

“Sookie! Sookie, wake up!” Eric said frantically as he gave my shoulders a gentle shake. My head rolled to the side as I heard a splintering noise, and I saw Robert rush into the room. He came towards my bed where Eric had apparently laid me down, but as he got closer, Eric leaned over me from the other side with his fangs all the way down and snarled at Robert.

Robert ignored Eric, but did stop where he was. “Norseman,” he spit, his fangs running down too, “move away from her so I can see to her.”

“Grecian!” Eric growled. “I should have recognized your scent all over her! Get out! You have no right to touch what is mine!”

“What is yours? Sookie is her own and even if she weren’t you have gone months without even trying to look for her. You have no rights to her!” Robert snapped.

The angry emotions flying around the room were overwhelming my already weakened strength. I knew Robert would know what I needed, so I reached out towards him and weakly said his name. Eric still snarled at Robert when he tried to come closer, so I turned my head towards him and pleaded in a whisper as I looked into his blue eyes, “Please.”

Eric gave a low warning growl, but nodded once and moved slightly away from me to allow Robert to come closer. He reached down to hold one of my hands though.

Robert came towards me again, and sat gently on the edge of the bed as he picked up my wrist and felt my pulse and forehead. He looked up at Eric and asked, “Is there blood in the other bedroom?” Eric looked confused but nodded. Robert zoomed out and came back in carrying three bottles of blood. Slipping his arm under my head, he started pouring the first bottle into my mouth. The blood tasted even worse because it was cold and thick but I managed to drink the bottle without gagging too much.

I started to ask Robert what he was doing here, but he started pouring the second bottle into my mouth before I could get a word out. When I was finally finished with it, Robert helped me sit up against the headboard and handed me the third bottle.

“Keep drinking that one while you talk,” he admonished. “You know I really don’t like finding you unconscious in hotel rooms, lígo mitéra.”

I shook my head. “Yeah well, it’s the only way pregnant women like me can think of to trick good-looking vamps into coming into her room,” I sassed.

Robert chuckled. “Ah, yes, if you were male, and definitely not a pregnant male, you would have much less trouble enticing me into your hotel room.”

I rolled my eyes. “If I were a pregnant male, we’d really have some problems,” I grumbled.

I realized that Eric was still holding my hand and staring at me in astonishment. “What is going on?” he asked.

My mind was still a bit scattered so I wasn’t quite sure what to tell Eric. Robert could see that I was struggling so he ignored Eric’s question and asked his own. “When was the last time you had a blood, lígo mitéra?”

I turned back towards Robert, grateful to be able to put off answering Eric. “Yesterday afternoon before Marci came over.”

Robert shook his head and tsked at me. Pulling out his phone he said, “If you are feeling a bit stronger, you should summon your little demon-spawn doctor to have her check on you and the babes. I’ll call to let her know you will be summoning her momentarily.”

I shook my head at his new nickname for Dr. Ludwig, but didn’t bother trying to correct him. Dr. Ludwig still called him an ignorant male for the whole yogurt incident, and he still threatened to drain her every time he saw her for laughing at my upset and his concern.

“This is King Caras, you will be summoned shortly, grab your things,” he told her gruffly before he hung up. At least this time he didn’t call her demon-spawn over the phone. I could only hope that he wasn’t saving it to say to her face.

I finished drinking the third bottle of blood and closed my eyes as I gathered my magic. When I opened them, I saw Dr. Ludwig looking around the room. “New hotel this time,” she commented in a bored tone. She looked at Eric and Robert and said gruffly, “Wonderful, you’ve got both the vampires with you.” She always managed to spit out the word vampires to make it more than clear just what her opinion of them was.

The little doctor walked up on Robert’s side of the bed and shooed him away with her hands. Robert hissed at her with his fangs down, but moved away without a word.

It was still too difficult for me to get the barrier between Eric and I put back up, so I could feel a whole host of emotions slinging around in him. Mostly there was confusion but there was also some annoyance as well as fear. Both of the babies were still moving around and kicking a lot as Dr. Ludwig examined me. When she pulled the sweatshirt and t-shirt up to examine my belly, we could actually see my children moving around and I even saw the perfect outline of a foot against my belly. Eric leaned back at the sight, and I felt more astonishment from him.

“Well, you’re still obviously upset if they’re moving around like they are. You need to calm down so they can feel that and calm down too. The more they keep moving around, the more it’s gonna drain you.” She looked at the three empty bottles of blood and told Robert to go heat two more. I groaned at that, so she answered, “You’re the one who summoned me here, girl. You’ll do as you’re told. You’re still looking a bit pale.”

“What is going on?” Eric asked, his voice raising some. I was trying my best to breathe deeply and calm my emotions down so the children could calm down too.

“Don’t you raise your voice at me vampire. The two of you are the ones who got into this fix, I’m just doing my job to make sure these three stay healthy,” she replied back in her usual gruff manner as she gestured at me. She turned back towards me and observed the babies quieting. “Well, I’ve got other patients to tend to, and you seem to be alright now. Just make sure you keep your blood supply up, you can’t afford for those babes to starve before they’re born, and make sure you keep your emotions calmer so the children don’t become so agitated again. At this point in the pregnancy, you don’t have enough room in your womb for them to be moving around that much.” She gathered her bag up and nodded to me, letting me know she was ready to leave.

Just after I’d sent her back to Shreveport, Robert came into the room carrying two more bottles. “You shall need to have them restock the room, these are the last,” he commented as he sat on the edge of the bed again.

Taking one, I asked, “What are you doing here, Robert?”

“Well, I felt you moving further away from me last night, so I went to your home to wait for your return when I found your note saying you might be gone for a few days. You’ve been gone before, and always without telling me I might add,” he said, arching an eyebrow. “But you always come back after a few hours. I knew if you were planning to be gone for days and actually leaving me a note that something was going on. So I got on my plane and started directing it towards you. I could tell you stopped in Dallas, but wasn’t able to land until after dawn, so I had to wait until after first dark to find you. I was going to go have a little chat with King Davis before I came here when I felt your sudden weakness, so I rushed here and once again found you unconscious in a hotel room. Now, lígo mitéra, just what are you doing here?”

“I’m here looking for a friend,” I explained simply. “Look Robert, could you give us a few moments alone?”

Robert looked tense for a moment and sent a glare at Eric, but his eyes softened when they came back to mine. “Very well, little one, I should like to see your children finally have their father around,” he said softly as he got up to leave the bedroom.

I needed to stand up, so I carefully slid from the bed and stood by the open balcony looking out over the lights of Dallas.

“How is this even possible?” Eric whispered as he came to stand beside me and peer down into my face.

I shrugged, “I guess when you wish hard enough for something, you can make anything happen.”

“This happened because I wished it to?” he said in wonder.

I looked up into his eyes curiously and responded, “I think it happened because we both wanted it to. That and I accidentally used a bit of magic that night to make it happen. I didn’t really understand it until later.”

“You did not lie with another?” he whispered.

I looked away again, and closed my eyes, amazed at how much the words stung. “No, no matter how much easier it is for you to believe I’m a lying, cheating whore—no, I never did. I wouldn’t do that,” I replied coldly.

I felt Eric gently turn me towards him, and felt his hand cup my jaw and cheek. I still didn’t open my eyes but I felt tears begin to break through the closed lids to run down over his hands.

“It was not easy. It was the most difficult thing I have ever been through.” His touch and voice were so gentle that almost against my will; I leaned into his hand, allowing more tears to wash over him as my breathing caught in my throat.

I felt him let go of my cheek and felt something press into my belly. I slowly opened my eyes to see him kneeling before me with his forehead pressed to my stomach as his arms began to wrap around me and hold me to him.

“I should have listened to you. I should have listened to you and to Pam. I am sorry for the wrongs I have caused you. I am sorry for the hurtful things I said to you. And I am sorry for pushing you away,” he said, his voice thick with emotion. He whispered something in his ancient language before he choked out, “Please forgive me. Forgive me,” his arms tightened around me even more as he repeated over and over, “Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me.”

I could not stop my own tears from falling at his pleading. I stroked the back of his head for a moment, and then gently slid my hands under his jaw to tilt his face up towards mine. I could feel the wetness of his tears and see the red staining his face and my belly. “How could you leave me?” he whispered as he looked up at me.

“Eric, if anyone had found out I was actually carrying your children, especially Felipe or Victor, they wouldn’t have hesitated to kill you to try and make me vulnerable, and I will NOT allow you to die for us. You wouldn’t believe me anyway, and leaving seemed like the only choice I had left to keep you and the children safe,” I whispered as I smoothed his red streaked locks away from his face.

“Many beings would send me to my final death to take you from me,” he whispered as he pressed his cheek to my belly again. “Me, a fader,” he whispered as he reverently stroked my belly.

My already swollen feet were starting to feel the pressure of my weight, so I slowly scooted back towards the bed to sit down. Eric shuffled along with me on his knees, his face never leaving my tummy as I sat down. I would have laughed at the comical sight, but my heart was still too heavy for that kind of levity. He moved between my open knees as I brought my hands back up to stroke the back of his head. I was surprised at how much soothing Eric, helped sooth me.

“I can feel their beating hearts,” he said in wonder.

“Yeah,” I whispered.

“I can still smell my blood in you as we are bonded, but why is it the babes do not smell like me?” he asked curiously after several moments.

I shrugged. “They probably smell similar to you, but I doubt any child smells just like either of their parents. It’s a combination of their smells to create a whole new smell I guess,” I suggested.

“Why is it I do not feel them? They are of my blood,” he wondered.

Again I shrugged. “I guess it’s because you fathered them, but you haven’t fed them your blood to create a blood bond.”

He pulled back slightly. “But you are bonded to them, they feel your emotions and you feel theirs?” he asked remember Dr. Ludwig’s words.

“I’m bonded to them the same as any mother would be bonded to her children. Maybe it’s different because they’re part vampire, I don’t know, but the reason we sense one another’s emotions is because they’re telepathic too. I can block them from feeling most people’s emotions and thoughts, but it’s hard to do with myself or when someone else is in contact with me and therefore them,” I explained.

“They can feel me?” he asked in wonder.

I nodded, “I think so.”

“And you can still feel me. You said last night that you have felt my emotions since that night. How is that possible? I thought you broke the bond or closed it somehow.”

“No, I just kept you from feeling me so you couldn’t come after me and get yourself killed. As much as you seemed to hate me, I figured it was best if you couldn’t feel me,” I told him.

His eyes searched mine. “Never have I felt hate for you. I hated my very being. Hated that I thought I could not be the one to give you what you wanted and needed. But never have I hated you. I still love you, Sookie. I have never stopped loving you, even when I thought the worst and wanted to be able to hate you, I could not bring myself to do so. I have and will always love you,” he said as his arms tightened possessively around me again.

The added pressure was pushing one of the babies into my bladder, but still, I welcomed the feeling of actually being wanted. I sighed deeply, wanting desperately to believe his words.

“You do not believe me,” Eric stated. I closed my eyes but didn’t respond. He straightened up and pressed his forehead to mine. “You don’t now, but you will. I will make you believe again. I will make you love me again,” he said with determination. I would have once been annoyed by Eric’s declarations, but now I just wanted to think that he could be right.

“It’s not about not loving you Eric. I’ve loved you all along,” I replied softly.

“But you do not trust me any longer,” he said fairly accurately.

I opened my blurry eyes to look into Eric’s. “It’s hard to trust when you’ve been so hurt.”

“Do you think I have not hurt by your leaving?”

I shook my head as he leaned back from me. “I know I’ve hurt you just as much as you’ve hurt me, but how do we get past it? How do we move on?” I pleaded. I wanted to believe that someday it might be possible.

“We cannot forget such things, but we can be stronger and move on from them and learn from our mistakes. I will make you trust me again. No one will harm you or our children,” he said as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me into him and I laid my head on his shoulder, inhaling his unique, dry scent and his faint cologne. My heart thumped at the words “our children” but he continued in an admonishing tone. “Why did you allow me to bring you here? It is too dangerous for you and the babes to be here. I will send you away again, somewhere else this time until I can come up with a plan.”

I shook my head. “No, I have to find Barry. I know what it was like to grow up telepathic without someone there to teach me. If something were to ever happen to me, I need to know that Barry can be there to help teach them how to control it. That’s why I’ve been meeting with Barry,” I explained.

“Nothing will happen to you,” Eric said with determination.

“I’m not naïve Eric. I’ve been in more danger over the past several years than you can shake a stick at, and I’m not taking the chance that our children will grow up like I did. I am going to make sure that someone can be there to help them,” I told him with equal determination.

Eric bowed his head in defeat. “After we have found Stan’s telepath—if he is to be found—you will allow me to send you away,” he said flatly.

“We’ll see,” was my only response.

“Why have you taken the Grecian’s blood?” Eric asked curiously, though there was no recrimination in his voice.

“Shortly after first getting to Monterey, the blood loss caught up with me and I passed out and hit my head pretty bad. Robert came along and gave me his blood until I came around enough to bring Dr. Ludwig out and she gave me a transfusion to replace my lost blood. He gave me blood once more, a month ago when my appendix burst. It was too dangerous for Dr. Ludwig to try surgery since I was pregnant, so she recommended taking Robert’s blood to repair the appendix,” I shrugged.

“How can you be so sure that you can trust him?” he pushed.

“I just know I can trust him. He’s been there for me without fail and never asked for anything in return,” I said before I thought about my words. I saw Eric wince, but I knew I couldn’t explain why I could trust Robert, that wasn’t just my story to tell.

“If your magic was used to help create our children, then why do they take blood from you? Why are they not human?” Eric asked.

“I’ve wondered about that a lot. I think it’s because all I’ve ever known you as is a vampire. No matter how difficult it may be, I wanted to have your children, not human Eric’s children. And they do take normal nutrition from me like any other children, they just take blood from me through their umbilici as well. I think our son and daughter will be some kind of combination of human and vampire,” I answered.

“A son and a daughter?” he asked with a smile.

“Yeah,” I answered.

“What other magics have you manifested?”

I thought for a moment. “Well, teleporting of course, I’m still working on healing and I can summon and influence humans and the two-natured somewhat, but that’s about it. I don’t really know what other things fairies can do,” I admitted.

Eric nodded and looked thoughtful. “I will make this right. I will protect you and our children, even if I have to slaughter the world to do so. You are all mine, we belong together,” Eric said fervently as sat beside me on the bed, grasping me behind my neck to pull me into a passionate kiss. I started to pull away, unsure if this was a good idea, but Eric doubled his efforts, sliding his other hand behind my back to press me into him. It felt so good to feel his lips against mine and his skin beneath my fingertips again, that my resolve disappeared and I melted into him.

Before I knew what I was doing, I had pushed back on Eric’s chest until he swung his legs up on the bed and was leaning against the headboard. I moved to straddle his legs as I continued to kiss him, my mouth placing soft kissing along his jaw and cheeks, carefully kissing his tears away as I held his face between my hands. Eric growled deep in his chest as his arms tightened around my waist. I couldn’t believe how much I had missed that sound.

“This is what I will fight for. This is what I will kill for. I will never let you go again,” Eric whispered before he tilted my mouth back to his and reclaimed it, the taste of his blood thick in my mouth and on our tongues.

“I hate to interrupt your reacquaintance, but King Davis is at the door asking to be let in. You should both clean up and come out,” Robert said from the doorway with a smirk before he left the room and closed the door again. I blushed red at my sudden wanton behavior, and wished I could blame it solely on my pregnancy hormones. I was surprised that neither Eric or I had heard Stan at the door, but I knew these bedrooms where supposed to be soundproof. I guess we were a bit distracted too.

I carefully climbed off of Eric’s lap, ignoring the evidence of his arousal and made my way to the bathroom attached to my bedroom to splash water on my face. Eric followed and carefully washed the remaining blood from his own face and hair. He carefully pulled his wet locks into a low ponytail. I made my way back into the bedroom and carefully looked through the clothes I had purchased earlier in the day. I slid on some black knit pants that fit comfortably around my belly and struggled to reach around behind my back to fasten the clasp of my bra. I should have thought to pack my front closing bras, I thought to myself as I felt cool hands carefully assist me. My breasts had grown along with my belly, making my shoulders ache so that reaching behind me was more and more difficult. Eric’s hands smoothed down my arms and settled over my bare belly as he stood behind me. I could feel his chin on the top of my head as he embraced me from behind.

“You are beautiful, lover. I am sorry I was not there to see your beauty grow with each passing day.”

“Hmmm,” I grumbled. “Consider yourself lucky that you didn’t have to be there for all of the morning sickness and crazy crazy pregnancy hormones that apparently make me into a psychotic woman. Consider yourself really lucky you didn’t have to be there to see me get fatter and fatter every day until I got to the point where I can’t even bend over to put on my shoes anymore. I look like a bloated possum,” I complained.

I felt Eric chuckle behind me. “I would have loved to have seen you become the beautiful ‘bloated possum’ you are today, dear one.”

My heart thumped again to hear him twice call me by such familiar little names, and I felt a tear fall down towards my belly. Eric deftly caught it in midair with his finger and popped it into his mouth, groaning behind me as he did so. Feeling him stiffen behind me, I swatted his hands, saying, “None of that now! We’ve got two kings waiting on us and we shouldn’t keep them waiting much longer.” I slipped out of his embrace and picked up a mauve colored v-neck sweater top that was almost a tunic length to cover my belly.

Eric took it from my hands and helped slid it over my head and down my belly. With one last caress to my belly, he looked into my eyes and said with great kindness, “I truly wish I could have been there for you.”

I smiled, feeling my heart soften a little more. “Maybe someday this world will be safe enough for us to give these two some brothers and sisters,” I told him.

His face broke into a brilliant smile that I swear could have rivaled the sun. “I will pray to the gods that such a day may come.” He steadied me as I slid some nice looking leather sandals on my swollen feet and he placed a gentle kiss on my forehead. “Come it would not do to keep kings waiting,” he said as he took my hand to lead me out of the bedroom.

I knew there were still so many things that I hadn’t told him, but for the first time I was determined that my plans would work. I knew our children would need Eric’s strength and guidance to grow, and I would do anything to make sure Eric would survive to be there.

For the first time in five months, I had hope for a brighter future. I had hope that the damage might be repaired someday. And I agreed with Eric one hundred percent, I would kill to see it happen.

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    • I love it! Lol. Very funny. Hope the game is going well. I’ve never been much of a baseball fan, I grew up playing hockey and rodeod through college. But my dad’s a big fan of baseball, so I’m sure he was watching it on TV.

      Thanks for reading,


      • I am not a fan at all, but wheny our company pays for it all- why not? When is the next chapter coming out? I am in some serious need for another chapter! haha!

        Hockey and rodeo? Wow! That is some serious stuff! I wish I had your strength!

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    Happy Birthday, and enjoy time with your parents – you’ll miss them when they are gone.

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    Well done!

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    i hope your birthday is fantastic.
    i want you to enjoy it and be relaxed, but i want the next chapter.

    oh what i terribly selfish woman i am xD

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