Chapter 2: Love Brings Change

Chapter 2: Love Brings Change

I was exhausted by the time I got home from work that night. Eric had called to tell me he would be by my place after Fangtasia closed. I’d warned him that my uncle had moved in with me and was surprised when Eric didn’t object, though he said we would talk about it later. After having to deal with Eric’s “brother” and “father” both being part of our bond, I had come to appreciate how difficult it was on our relationship to have others around imposing on our bond, but I really was hoping that we could figure out a way to make things work. I felt more at peace with my uncle around than I had felt in a long time.

Dermot had quickly proven to be quite useful at Merlotte’s as well. When I walked into the bar this morning with my uncle in tow, I had thought Sam was going to have a heart attack. Sam had spent the first hour of my shift glaring at Dermot, who had chosen to sit discreetly in the corner of my section. The locals had all started to ask questions about Dermot, or Drake as he went by with humans, but we’d decided on the way to the bar to tell everyone that he was a cousin of my father’s who was staying with me for a while. I was surprised how easily everyone believed it, but he did look so much like Jason that he had to be family, and for the most part humans want to believe what they are told.

Towards the end of my shift, not long after first dark when Eric had called me, Dermot had proven how useful he could be around humans. The protesters had come back again to picket the bar, and both Sam and Kennedy were having no luck getting them to leave and were at their wit’s ends trying to keep things peaceful. I knew Sam was getting ready to call Sheriff Dearborn or Andy Bellefleur, but didn’t want to resort to it if he didn’t have to.

Very quietly, Dermot had walked out, talked to the protesters, and they had just as quietly left.

I grabbed my uncle’s hand and drug him back into Sam’s office, with Sam following close behind. “What did you do to them?” I questioned frantically.

Dermot gave me that indulgent smile again. “I simply encouraged them to go home,” he answered.

There was a part of me that thought I should be upset about my uncle using some form of magic on people, but another part of me really was just relieved. I could see where this could come in handy.

“It doesn’t hurt them though, does it?” I couldn’t help but question.

My uncle shook his head. “Of course not. I simply changed their desires from being here and causing trouble, to being amendable to my request that they go home.”

“You can do that, like how vampires glamor?” Sam asked, reminding me that he had followed us.

Again, Dermot shook his head. “No, it is unlike their glamor. They change memories, impart new ones, and can control the actions of humans. I can simply shift the desires of humans from malevolent desires to benign ones. I do not control what they actually do, and I cannot cause them to do something they would not ever do. ”

I knew from the tenor of Sam’s thoughts that he was also having a hard time deciding how to feel about what Dermot had done. Eventually though, he too decided that he was simply relieved to be rid of the protesters.

“While we’re back here,” Sam began, obviously deciding to move past what Dermot had just done. “What exactly is going on here?” Sam asked me, pointing at Dermot. “I thought he was on the other side.”

Dermot sighed wearily. “Alas, I have found myself on the wrong side in the past, but I hope to atone for that mistake with my dearest niece,” Dermot explained. I couldn’t help but think that he sounded so old and jaded.

“Uncle Dermot is gonna stay with me for a while and help me with things,” I explained vaguely. I could sense Sam’s objections. “He already saved my life from that fairy that wanted to kill me, and he’s family.”

Sam’s brows drew together as he studied my uncle. I could tell that he still didn’t trust him; apparently, my uncle could too.

Very solemnly, Dermot brought his fist over his heart and said, “I have sworn and do foreswear for the rest of my days to make amends for the errors I have made and the wrongs I have done my kin. I will safeguard the family I have left.”

This seemed to mean something to Sam, who looked at him in silent wonder. I hoped eventually someone would explain what this all meant to me, but was too exhausted to push for an explanation at the moment.

Glancing at my watch, I said, “Look, Sam, my shift is over, so we gotta get going.” I gave a speechless Sam a quick hug, and gathered my purse before I towed Dermot out the door.

“Look, I do appreciate what you did out there, Uncle Dermot, and I can see where that could be real useful,” I was thinking in particular how much easier it would be to get people to walk away than what vampires often did to troublesome people, “but I think in the future, before you go using magic on people again, we should talk about it.” I think it was really bothering me that I wasn’t really bothered by the fact that my uncle had used magic to more or less change people’s freewill.

“If that is what you wish my niece, I shall do so,” he agreed with a nod.

I started to climb into my car, but I noticed that Dermot had stopped following me. “Aren’t you coming?” I asked him.

“The dead and fairies do not mix well. I think I shall visit your cousin until your visitor has left,” he answered.

“Oh, you mean Eric, I didn’t realize that you could hear him when he called me,” I said, wondering if fairies had super hearing like vamps did.

Shaking his head, Dermot answered, “No, the other vampire will be waiting to speak with you. I know neither will hurt you, so I will return later in the evening when the dead have gone.” And then, just like that, he popped away.

Out of habit, I took a quick look around the parking lot to make sure no one had seen it. I was the only one in the employee parking lot luckily, so I got in my car and started home.

When I pulled up to my house, I couldn’t decide if I was surprised or not to see Bill sitting on my porch step. I really needed Dermot to explain to me if he saw things in the future or what.

Bill stood as I walked up the steps towards him, and I couldn’t help but feel very satisfied to see how much healthier he looked. Well … at least as healthy as a dead guy can look, anyway.

“You look so much better, Bill,” I told him sincerely.

“And you look tired, sweetheart,” he replied, reaching out and cupping my cheek. The action maybe should have felt awkward since I was with Eric now, but there wasn’t anything sexual in Bill’s touch—at least there wasn’t any more—not for me.

“It’s been a long couple of days,” I answered. I reached up and took Bill’s hand in mine. “You really do look so much better,” I said. I was truly amazed at the difference, for a vampire who had looked so close to his final death the last time I’d seen him, he looked almost normal again. He looked just like he did the night we met. I felt a bittersweet pang at that thought. Bill would always look just like he did that night, but I knew that the past two years had taken their toll on me.

I knew the inside of my house probably still smelled very strongly of fairy, so I figured we were better off talking outside. Pulling on Bill’s hand, we settled back down on my porch step. After being in Merlotte’s all day, it was so quiet and soothing to sit in silence with Bill. It reminded me of the very thing that had attracted me to him in the first place. I sat in perfect silence for a long time with the man that was so many firsts for me. I did love Eric, but he could be such a vampire of action, that sometimes I missed simply sitting in silence like I used to do with Bill. Not that I would give up the kind of action that Eric was mostly fond of.

“I wanted to thank you again, Sookie. You truly have been my savior in so many ways,” Bill said, eventually breaking the comfortable silence.

“All I did was get a hold of your sister, Bill.”

“You have done so much more than that, darling,” Bill replied, squeezing my hand. “And the most incredible thing is that you truly don’t understand.”

I gave a short snort, saying, “I guess I really don’t, Bill.”

“Repeatedly, you have saved not only my very life, but also my humanity. Even when I had thought it lost for so long, you brought it back for me.”

I remembered talking with Judith about their maker, and figured that staking Lorena was probably at the top of his list. “I couldn’t let Lorena torture you like that,” I said quietly.

Shaking his head, Bill replied, “I wronged you so horribly then. I truly did not wish to leave you, I had to answer my maker’s call, but I should not have been so callous about leaving you. You deserved much better than that—than me. But again and again, and in so many ways you have saved me. You saved me in Rhodes, even when your heart was still so freshly hurt from learning about my orders to come to Bon Temps. You brought my very humanity back to me, and reminded me what it was to feel again. I did and I do truly love you Sookie, never doubt that.” I started to speak, but he gently placed his hand across my mouth. “Please, I know that you do not feel that way for me any longer Sookie, but I cannot help but to still love you. I think I will always love you. You awakened, at least in part, the man I had been when I was human, and I will always be grateful to you for that. I know that I have lost you and that you love Eric now, but I just wanted you to know that I will never be sorry for the time we spent together. I will never be sorry for accepting that mission from Sophie-Anne to come here. I wish I had told you sooner about it, but if I hadn’t accepted that assignment from Sophie-Anne, I never would have met you. If vampires do have souls, you have saved mine Sookie, and that means more than saving me from final death.”

I sighed heavily. I had moved passed feeling angry with Bill a long time ago. Too much had passed between us for me to hate him. “Bill, I think a part of me will always love you, you were a big part of my life. And I hope we can always be friends, I wouldn’t want to lose you from my life, but I am with Eric now.”

“And you love him,” he said simply.

I looked at Bill curiously. He seemed so sure of that.

“You’ve had my blood Sookie. It has been a while, and you have had much more of Eric’s blood recently of course, but I can still feel some of your emotions. I can feel that you love Eric. He is a good man as far as vampires go, and I know that if anyone can protect you from those who wish to do you harm, it will be him. You deserve to have uncomplicated happiness, and he can give you that,” he told me, looking out over my yard.

“Nothing is uncomplicated with Eric,” I sighed.

Bill looked at me again. “Things and situations may be complicated with Eric, but your feelings are not.”

“But they are. I never know if what I feel is my own, or if it’s the bond,” I said in exasperation.

“It amplifies what you feel, that is all. Let me ask you this, think of Eric, do you love him, yes or no?”

I thought over Bill’s question, and concentrated on what I felt for Eric. Time after time Eric had been there for me and saved my life. And no matter how I wanted to deny it, I just couldn’t deny that when push came to shove, I had run head long into danger for Eric as well. “Yes,” I answered quietly.

“For him, you feel love—simply love. For me, there has been too much water under the bridge as they say. You may still feel some love for me, but I can feel all of the other complicated emotions that you feel towards me as well. I can never give you the uncomplicated happiness that you deserve. Eric can.”

We sat in silence again. I couldn’t help but feel more at peace with Bill than I had felt in a long time. It finally felt like whatever we were to each other was now solidified. I leaned over against Bill’s side, and he wrapped his arm around me, pulling me close. “So, is Judith still around?” I couldn’t help but asking. I didn’t feel any jealousy at the thought of her and Bill anymore. I guess I was confident in knowing that the closeness between Bill and I was concrete and that we would always have our friendship even if we would never be lovers again.

I could feel Bill smile against the top of my head. “Yes, she is still here, and would like to spend more time with you if you are agreeable.”

“So … you and Judith, huh?” I asked, not knowing quite what else to say.

“I have always found Judith’s company to be pleasant, but we have not spent a good deal of time around each other since she was first turned, for obvious reasons. She wishes to stay for a little while … we’ll see how things go,” he answered vaguely.

“Well, I guess bring her by some time,” I answered him. A brief image of Bill, Judith, Eric and I all going on a double date flashed through my mind, and I burst out laughing. The image of my Viking ever agreeing to go on a double date, especially one with my former boyfriend was just too funny. Bill pulled back and looked at me trying to figure out the joke, but I just shook my head. “I should head inside, Bill. Eric was going to stop by after Fangtasia closed.”

After helping me to stand up, Bill pulled me into a hug. “Thank you again Sookie, for giving me the desire to go on,” he said softly.

I stepped back, and Bill held me at arm’s length for a moment. For the first time I looked at the t-shirt that Bill was wearing, and burst out laughing again. “Grateful Dead?” I chuckled, pointing at his t-shirt. It should have been sad to think that the last time I remembered him wearing that t-shirt had been the night my Gran had been murdered, but right now, I just couldn’t stop laughing at the irony. Those vamps and their puns.

Bill gave a half-smirk, saying, “Yes, I suppose I am once again grateful to be among the undead.”

“Night, Bill,” I said shaking my head and turning to go inside.

I knew it would be a few hours until Eric was done at Fangtasia, so after grabbing some supper, I decided to relax in the tub.

I must have fallen asleep in the tub, because the next thing I knew, I was being lifted out of the tub and wrapped carefully in a towel.

“Lover, the smell of fairy in this house is absolutely intoxicating. You smell positively delicious,” Eric purred into my ear as he stood behind me and dried me off, his hands wandering lusciously over my body.

I was quickly going from sleepy to aroused from the feelings of lust that I was getting from Eric, but I couldn’t help asking, “I thought you were going to be a few hours yet?”

“I couldn’t stay away any longer lover. We have been kept away from each other long enough, my wife,” he said turning me around and looking into my eyes. I had been thinking about the situation of Dermot living with me on and off ever since I’d talked to Eric, trying to figure out how we were going to make this work. Eric’s comment about the intoxicating smell only served to remind me that we needed to discuss it.

“Listen Eric, about Dermot—” I started to say.

Eric swept me into his arms and carried me into the bedroom, dropping my towel along the way. “Later—we will speak of the matter later—for now, we have far more pressing matters to attend to,” he said laying me on the bed. As he nuzzled my neck, and ground into me, it was quite apparent what “pressing” matter he had and just where he would like to press it.

All thoughts of fairies, Bill, and anything else flew out the window. My hands snaked up under Eric’s blood-red shirt, seeking to caress as much skin as I could. “Off,” I mumbled as he nipped at my neck. “Take it all off, I need to feel you,” I said huskily.

Before I could blink, Eric had removed his clothes, and resettled over me, my legs cradling his hips and guiding him to where I wanted him. Inch, by agonizing inch, Eric slid into me. I knew Eric was too worked up from the smell of fairy for foreplay, but the feelings of lust and need that were bouncing around our bond were more than enough to have me ready for him.

He stilled inside of me when he had pushed all of the way in, giving me time to adjust, but then instead of finding our usual rhythm, he leaned forward and brought his forehead to mine, saying something quietly in his ancient language. I shifted my hips, trying to get him started, but he only growled low in his throat. His eyes seemed to search mine. He seemed almost—reverent? “What have I done to deserve you, my beautiful wife? You would really have killed my maker for me,” he said, his eyes still searching mine. He pulled back and thrust forward once, hard.

“For you—and for us,” I said as I hitched one leg up on his hip, wanting to take him deeper—to take every part of him into me.

“For us,” Eric repeated, as he ran one hand down the thigh I’d caught on his hip and began to thrust again. Together we found that rhythm that felt so natural for us.

This—this, was uncomplicated happiness.

A/N: Well, I’ve never written lemons before, so let me know what you all think!

I have some ideas for plot lines in where I want to take this story, but in a lot of ways, I think I’m just going to write it and see where we end up, so this may be an interesting ride!

Duckbutt was the only one who guessed where the chapter 1 title came from, so 10 points to you! It’s a song by Sha Na Na, it was in Grease. I just thought the song title was very fitting for the first chapter.

Chapter 3: Some Things Never Change


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