Chapter 3: Some Things Never Change

Chapter 3: Some Things Never Change


Several hours later, I was still snuggled closely into Eric’s side. My mind was running over everything that had happened in the past several days, running the events through my mind.

Suddenly, I sat up, gasping, “Jason!” I had not thought of my brother once, all day. His pickup had been gone this morning when I woke up, and with my cousin and uncle in the house and their news about what having the “essential spark” meant, I had completely forgotten about my brother.

Eric remained reclined on my bed, one arm tucked beneath his head. Reaching out, he ran one hand through my tangled locks. “What about your brother? That is not exactly a name I expected to hear you cry out while you were in bed with me,” he said with a naughty smirk. “Perhaps I need to remind you of the name you should be crying out,” he continued as he pulled me over his body.

I swatted Eric playfully, but let him settle my body over his stomach. I leaned down and braced my arms on his shoulders. “I just remembered that I haven’t talked to Jason all day. I’m not even sure how or when he came by to get his pickup. I don’t even know if he’s ok after Pam took his blood last night,” I said frantically. I started to reach for my nightstand to grab my cell phone so that I could call Jason, but my reaching over Eric’s upper body exposed my chest to Eric, who true to form, chose to latch onto my breast and start licking and nipping.

Abandoning my phone for the moment, I sat back up saying, “I’m serious, Eric. Jason could be sick or weak,” I said thinking of the time I had nearly been drained by Bill. “Oh! What about Pam, I haven’t even asked about her, is she ok too?” I questioned, pushing Eric back onto the bed and away from my chest, which he had been trying to sit up and reach since I had pulled away from him. It was upsetting to think that I had so many things going on at the moment that I hadn’t thought about either Jason or Pam once, all day.

Eric gave a frustrated sigh but let me push him back onto the bed. “I can see you are not going to let me continue, so let me set your mind at ease. Both Pam and your brother are fine,” he said as he crossed his arms behind his head. The pose made his chest muscles stand out deliciously, and it took everything in me to tear my eyes away.

“You’re sure?” I questioned. Looking into Eric’s eyes, I could see that his were focused a bit south of mine, so I crossed my arms over my chest and cleared my throat.

Eric licked his lips, but brought his eyes back up to mine and answered, “Of course I am sure. I would have told you immediately if it had been otherwise. The fairy’s blood healed me well last night, and I found another donor for Pam before I sent her to take your brother home. She made sure he was settled in with his woman and then she returned his pickup to his home before she went back to Shreveport.” Eric eyed me mischievously before he continued, “She was quite disappointed that I would not allow her to keep your brother as a pet. Apparently, even tainted with panther blood, his blood is quite appetizing. And it does come wrapped in an appealing package.”

“Eric!” I said, poking him in the chest. His only response was to laugh. “You tell Pam that she better not think for one second that she’s keeping my brother as a ‘pet’,” I told him in disgust.

Still laughing, Eric said, “As I said, Lover, I already told her she could not keep the boy as her pet.” Eric’s hands snaked up my thighs and soon his fingers curled into my center, massaging me in a teasing manner. “But you, my pet, I am glad to keep you occupied for some time to come,” he purred, the last word slipping easily from his tongue.

“Eric,” I said, gripping his sides for balance, not sure whether my plea was a plea to stop or a plea to continue.

Finally, Eric removed his fingers and grasping my hips, slid me backwards to replace his fingers with something much better. Earlier had been fast and hard, but now that Eric and come down from the high of the fairy smell a bit, he was apparently ready to be slow and sweet. With his hands on my hips and waist, Eric helped to guide me in a slow, easy pace.

“Are both fairies going to continue living here?” Eric questioned.

My mind took a while to catch up to Eric’s question. “No,” I breathed heavily. “I don’t think Claude’s gonna stay here, just Dermot,” I said, struggling to string together words.

Eric’s only response was to grunt and flip me over, never breaking his slow, smooth stride. I remembered his displeasure at finding out that Claude was living with me, and so was surprised at his lack of response.

“You’re not mad at me for letting Dermot live here?” I finally panted out, my breath catching as Eric began to slowly increase his pace.

Still never slowing down, Eric answered, “I am not happy to have my wife living with a fairy, especially one who at one time supported Breandan, but I know better than waste time trying to argue over the matter with you, and I put more faith in Dermot being of use to you than your worthless cousin would ever be.”

I was surprised at how easily Eric seemed to be having a serious conversation at the moment. I felt like my mind was an Etch a Sketch that someone had shaken. “Huh?” I questioned ineloquently. “What do you mean ‘of use’?” I clarified with a great effort of concentration.

“Fairies do not kill one another easily. Claude would not kill for you, but Dermot has killed another of his kind for you. You attract trouble like flies to honey, I can use all of the help I can get keeping you safe, especially when I cannot be with you during the day,” he replied kissing my neck. His pace had steadily increased, and I figured the smell of fairy still had Eric a bit on edge because I could feel how close he was. His fingers found their way between us and applied enough pressure to make sure that I was as close as he was. “Enough talk of fairies,” he growled as he bit into my neck.

The mixture of pleasure and pain drove me over the blissful edge, and tossing my head back I shouted, “Oh God … oh, Eric!”

When I came down from my high and my breathing had evened, I found myself tucked into the crook of Eric’s arm. “That’s much better lover, I’m glad you still remember how to scream out my name,” Eric chuckled.

I elbowed my Viking, but couldn’t help but bask in this simple happiness. Maybe Bill was right and Eric and I could find at least some uncomplicated happiness. “What’s going on with the Victor situation?” I questioned quietly.

I felt Eric still beneath me, then he answered carefully, “I am working on a plan to deal with him.”

Eric either wasn’t ready or wasn’t willing to divulge more, so I didn’t press him. Eventually, I fell into a peaceful sleep.



When I woke the next morning, it was once again to the smell of a cooking breakfast. I wandered into the kitchen to find my uncle once again cooking. I was glad to see that my uncle at least wasn’t laying out quite the big feast he and Claude had yesterday. “I could get spoiled by this,” I told him as I poured myself a cup of coffee.

Dermot smiled as we settled at the table to eat together. “I am simply trying to repay your kindness for allowing me to stay with you, my niece,” he replied.

“So how did you know that Bill was going to be waiting here for me?” I asked.

“Sometimes, I just know things,” Dermot answered with a shrug.

“Is that using your magic?” I questioned. I could see where that would be particular useful.

Dermot seemed to sense my eagerness. “It is not something every fairy can do. Our abilities are as varied as the abilities of humans. There are certain abilities that are common to all fairies, but various forms of prophecy and seeing are quite rare. Niall was particularly adept at not only masking his scent, but also healing, among other things.”

“So what kind of things will I be able to do? Niall already said that my telepathy wasn’t a Fae gift.” My mind was reeling with the possibilities.

“It is impossible to know my dearest niece. We shall begin your training today I should think. First, we will work on gathering your magic and being aware of it. When you are ready, we will begin training you in abilities that are common. From there we shall see what you can do,” Dermot explained.

I actually had the day off from work and so was very excited at the prospect of learning to use magic like my fairy relatives did.

“Why is it you said that Claude didn’t have much magic,” I asked, remembering what he had said while he was still cursed. “I thought you and Claude said magic wasn’t about percentages.”

“No, it isn’t,” he answered. “It is far more complicated than that. It is all about willpower. It takes a tremendous amount of will and desire to control the magic you possess. Claude may be my nephew, but he enjoys living amongst the humans. He has never had the discipline or desire to focus his magic, and thus, will likely never be able to have much potential.” I wasn’t surprised at Dermot’s assessment of Claude; I guess that had always been my impression of my cousin as well.

We spent the rest of the morning and afternoon working on my training outside. Dermot said it was important for those of the Sky Fae to be closely in touch with nature especially the sun and sky. We started out doing a lot of—I guess it was meditating. Dermot was surprisingly patient with me. He carefully explained, again and again, how to focus on myself and try to find the otherness and power deep within me. It was extremely tiring just to try to focus on finding that power within myself. I wasn’t sure how I would ever be able to use it for anything.

After we had taken a break for lunch, we came back outside to continue. I could at least somewhat recognize something within myself, though I wasn’t altogether sure what it was, and I couldn’t really focus on it yet or gather it yet, but I was eager to try doing something with it. Dermot had suggested trying to call to a bird and influence it into coming to me. He explained that animals in nature were particularly drawn to fairies anyway and so it shouldn’t take too much effort to bring one to myself. An hour later though, and my frustration was getting the better of me.

“Ghhh,” I growled in frustration. “It isn’t working,” I finally complained. The birds had begun to sing more loudly a few times, but they still would not come to me.

“You do not really want them to,” Dermot explained with a smile.

“Yes, I do,” I said in frustration as I stood up clenching my fists.

“Tell me, you can hear the thoughts of others,” he said. I nodded in agreement, waiting to see where he was going with this and trying to calm myself. “Do people ever think about just one thing, or are there several thoughts going through their minds at once?”

“Well, I guess people hardly ever think about just one thing. Mostly their thoughts are all over the place, a tangled mess of thoughts jumping from one idea to the next,” I said. I still couldn’t see what this had to do with anything.

Dermot reached up and took my hand, gently pulling me down onto the grass in front of him again. “As I said before, your will and your desires dictate your magic, Sookie.”

“But I did want a bird to come to me,” I said; even to myself it sounded like I was whining.

“Yes, and you also likely wanted to rest, and to eat, and see your vampire, and to do and have many other things. Using your magic is about focusing your desires onto one specific thing and then gathering your magic and directing it at that one specific thing. With so many other desires going through your mind at once, how can you expect to focus your magic on any one thing when so many desires are running through your mind?”

I considered my uncle’s words. They did make a fair amount of sense.

Sensing that I was understanding his point, Dermot went on, “Try again. Let everything else slip away, focus on your magic and focus solely on the bird. Think of nothing else.”

I began pushing everything else out of my mind and picturing one of the little Blue Birds that had been flitting around. I wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but eventually I realized that something was sitting on my bent knee. Slowly, I opened my eyes, and was astonished to see a little Blue Bird perched on my knee, watching me intently. The little bird cocked his head from side to side, and then flitted away again. I looked up at my uncle, amazed that I had finally accomplished the task. “I did it,” I whispered in amazement.

“Of course you did,” my uncle said with an indulgent smile, “you are of the Brigant bloodline. It is a very powerful line.”

“What’s next?” I asked in excitement.

“Next, you rest, my niece. I am sure you must be exhausted,” he answered as he took my hands and helped me to stand.

Well, now that he mentioned it, and I actually tried to use my muscles to stand, I did realize that I was pretty exhausted. “Yeah, I guess that would be a good idea,” I agreed. “Thanks a lot for helping me Uncle Dermot, and for being so patient with me,” I said as we made our way back into the house.

Dermot chuckled, “Thank me when we have been training for months and you are wishing there were no such thing as magic!”

I shook my head, “I can see where it is probably going to take a lot of work to master, but I can sure see where it can come in quite useful,” I admitted.

I started to make my way towards my bedroom, but I couldn’t help but asking a question that had been on my mind ever since I found out about my fairy relatives and especially since I found out that they could influence people. “Uncle Dermot, did Fintan use his magic to sleep with my Gran, or did he really care for her?”

Dermot had been headed upstairs to what I supposed was now his living area since Claude was gone. He stopped and leaned against the doorway to the stairwell. “Fintan loved Adele very much. If it were possible, I would say that she enchanted him. He would have given anything to have had her for his own, but she loved her husband and did not wish to leave him. She cared a great deal for Fintan I think, and though she loved her husband, she wanted children as well. Fintan was desperate to have any piece of her that he could and so contented himself with merely being the one to give her children and not the one she shared them with,” he explained carefully.

“So you’re saying my Gran used Fintan to have children?” I asked.

“I think she loved Fintan as well—in her own way. But I wouldn’t say she used him, it was as though neither of them could help themselves,” Dermot said quietly. I could tell that it was hard to talk about his brother, but I needed some answers. “I think that the fates were at play.” He looked at me and gave a crooked smile.

“Do you really believe in fate?” I asked, thinking about all of the things I’d been through and wondering if fate had put me through them.

“Of course,” Dermot answered looking me over. “If not for the fates, you would not be here today or you might have been killed many times over,” he said before he gracefully walked up the stairs.

I knew I would have to put a lot of thought into his last comment, but for now, I was ready to sleep like the dead.



A/N: There’s chapter 3. A big thank you to everyone who has reviewed this story, and added it to their favorites or alerts! Like I’ve said in my story Bill my schedule is really erratic in the summer, so I can’t guarantee when I’ll be able to consistently update. I was able to work a bit on it this weekend because it’s been too rainy to get horses ridden, but hopefully *fingers crossed* one of these darn days it’ll dry out.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think!

Chapter 4: We Never Change


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