Chapter 1: A New Proposal


This story has been gnawing at me for quite some time now. I love the fan fics that are out there that tell Eric’s side of the story, and there is one excellent one out there already that tells the story from Bill’s POV in True Blood. (Please look them all up!) But I’ve been wanting to try one for Bill told strictly from the books. SO, for Bill fans, beware, this is not True Blood’s heroic version of him AND for Eric fans beware, I’m not telling the antagonistic version of Bill that most fan fics seem to portray him as either.

Personally, in the books, I’m a team Eric fan all the way, BUT I really do think Bill gets a pretty raw deal with most Eric-loving fan fic authors out there. I don’t see Bill as the moustache-twirling, archetypical bad guy. I also don’t see him as the love struck puppy dog and ultimate good guy I think True Blood is making him out to be. I would like to think of this story as an exploration of who Bill really is, and how he develops throughout the books, the good, and the bad.

I do think that eventually, Bill did come to love Sookie, with all of whatever heart a vampire has. THAT SAID, I also think it took quite a while for Bill to really come to love Sookie, not just like her, covet her, or play at loving her. I think he pretended for a long time before he actually did love her. SO, along with the development of the character of Bill, I also see this story as exploring, at least in my opinion, when it was that Bill came to love Sookie, along with all of the mistakes he makes along the way.

Take this story for what it is, Bill’s point of view (in my opinion). I will not be changing any plot points, and of course using provided dialogue from the books.

Like I said, I’m team Eric, and at least right now, hope Sookie ends up with him, BUT I hope that as the readers, if you’ve had reservations about Bill, or flat out hated him, that you can read this with an open mind, and find some redemption in the end for Bill and the choices he makes, even his poor choices.

If you do like Bill, or at least understand him, well, I hope you can enjoy my version of how and why things come about on his side of the story.

Of course, everything belongs to Harris; let’s just call this an experimentation on my part to play with a character that so many people seem to love to hate 😉

Please let me know what you think so far!


Note 2: (May 9, 2010) I am reworking the current chapters to reflect the new information from Dead in the Family. They’re really not that big, but I figured I’d go back and make the changes now, they really aren’t big spoilers, so if you haven’t read book 10 yet, it’s not a big deal.

Chapter 1: A New Proposal

I kept my head bowed low in deference to the vampire seated on the throne in front of me as she considered my request. I hoped she would be forward thinking enough to see the value in my proposal and not dismiss it out of hand. I am still considered a young vampire among our kind, so am not often taken seriously by the older vampires. I knew my venture had merit, but as Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq was the first vampire monarch that I had ever met in my undead life, I wanted her to see the merit as well.

I had been brought to the palace in New Orleans by my maker shortly after my turning. I had known nothing of this new dark life I had begun, and like many new vampires was frightened by the new world I found myself in. I clung to my maker, Lorena, as the only thing with even an ounce of familiarity in my new life.

I had begged Lorena to let us stay near Bon Temps, near my family, so that even if I could not live with my family, I could still watch them from afar. But, Lorena ordered me to follow her to New Orleans. I knew in the end it was likely better this way. Better to walk away than watch my loved ones from the shadows and worry that I might not be able to control myself and hurt them.

Walking away from them had been the hardest thing to do in my new vampire life.

Killing came more easily to me than I could have ever thought it would. I had been a soldier in my human life, so taking life was not new to me. Drinking the blood of another was harder and somewhat disconcerting at first, but the feeling and taste of fresh blood to a new vampire is beyond compare.

Part of me loathed what I had become, and loathed Lorena for making me this way, but at the same time a new part of me, the vampire part of me, loved her for every new thing she made me feel. The blood, the sex, the violence, all of the beautiful decadence that is being a creature of the night was opened to me through her. And she showed it all to me.

Together Lorena and I spent several years in New Orleans as guests of the Queen of Louisiana. My maker had become close to Sophie-Anne shortly after she parted ways with her own maker. Sophie-Anne had taught her the world of vampire politics. Even as a newly turned vampire, I had felt Sophie-Anne’s power and was awed by it. I clung to my maker even more and often tried to avoid speaking to the eternally youthful queen as much as I could.

I learned later in my life that in my awe of the queen, by avoiding speaking to her and deferring to her, I had actually impressed her with my “charming manners” as she called it. In my human life, I had never known anything as commanding as Sophie-Anne was, so in my lack of comprehending her, I showed absolute deference. In my early vampire life, it may have been one-step above cowering before beings more powerful than me, but it taught me a valuable lesson, even the most ancient of vampires can be charmed by deference and “charming manners” as Sophie-Anne called them.

After my maker released me, many years after my making, I traveled the world, searching for a better understanding of what it is to be vampire. Though vampires do have their limitations, it was still more freeing than my human life had been. Money was no longer a problem, if I needed money to travel somewhere, I simply glamoured a human into giving me theirs.

I traveled the world and met with many vampires who told me of their existence and of themselves. It often only took a little politeness and interest to get even some of the oldest vampires to tell stories about themselves.

“You want to create a database of vampires around the world,” Sophie-Anne finally said in acknowledgement of my idea. She waved her hand imperiously at the nearly empty throne-room, as if to say she was not interested, but I have studied even the subtlest of nuances among our kind, and I saw the flicker of interest in her eyes before they became a mask of boredom.

“In the beginning, your majesty, it would be a database comprised of the vampires of America. But one day, I do hope to complete one of the vampires around the world, yes,” I responded, once again dipping my head in deference, knowing how it stroked Sophie-Anne’s ego and pride to do so.

“Hmmm,” Sophie-Anne purred as she thought it over. “And what is it you need from me? Influence to make other vampires talk and tell you their history?” she questioned.

“No, your majesty, I already have perhaps two-thirds of the vampires in this country cataloged.”

Sophie-Anne raised her eyebrows at this, a large reaction for one as old as she, “You have so much completed already?” she asked in astonishment. “My, you have been productive young William. If you have done so much already, what do you require?” She was more than intrigued now, though the thoughtful look on her face made me wonder what other designs she had for me.

“Yes, I have many files worth of notes, and even drawings and pictures that could go along with the database,” I replied, then braced myself for what my real request was. “I do however, need a residence, somewhere to settle down in and work on compiling my notes, and actually creating the database. I also need some financial backing to purchase better equipment for creating the software needed. Someone, such as yourself, with power and influence would be needed to market my work once it is completed as well. As I said before, I think this has an excellent chance at being a huge money earner for your kingdom. Every monarch would be envious of this product which would be yours.”

Living in the open, among the humans did have some drawbacks, many in the opinion of some vampires, but it also made getting money from humans more difficult. With all of the advancements in technology, it was more difficult to glamour money from humans without someone being able to trace it. Because of this, I now needed safer ways of acquiring funds for my project.

Sophie-Anne smiled showing fang, then asked, “Then why am I the monarch that you come to? Why do you grant me with this wonderful asset?”

“My maker has great trust in you, and a great fondness for you. My home was once in Louisiana, and when I considered where I would want to set up shop, so to speak for this project, I of course thought of you and New Orleans,” I answered, for the most part truthfully. Part of me dreaded being home in Louisiana again, where my human life had been. But, I knew this project of mine might be dangerous as well, and I hoped Sophie-Anne would offer some protection. She was known to be quite cunning, but also very ruthless when it came to protecting her assets.

Sophie-Anne studied me for a time, and then said with a sly smile on her young face, “William, William, William. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Do you think me foolish? Or think that I would not see the danger in your little project as well? You come to me in hopes that I shall offer you shelter and protection should the wrong vampires find out about your work too soon and seek to stop you, or seek to take your work from you,” the queen said as she stood and came closer to me. I remained absolutely still, and gave no reaction with my face, my simple cool facade, perfected over many years, firmly in place.

After the queen had slowly circled me several times and stopped once again in front of me, I answered with a slight smile, “That too, of course, your majesty. It could be very dangerous if the wrong vampires find out about the project before we are ready to market it, but the potential value of this database would far outweigh the dangers I think,” I answered in a steady voice, and hoped Sophie-Anne would agree with me and see the potential.

“You share some similarities with your maker and myself, don’t you?” Sophie-Anne suddenly asked.

“Excuse me?” Her question caught me off guard and left me slightly confused.

“Your abilities,” Sophie-Anne said with a wave of her hand in my direction, “you hold some sway over others do you not? How else did you get vampires who have spent hundreds and even thousands of years living in secret to give you precious information about themselves?”

I went completely still with fear. Though I had never been able to completely control vampires, it was true that with some finessing, I had found that vampires tended to let their guard down around me and tell me secrets they would tell no other. A very dangerous ability to have among our kind, that is if you wished to remain among the undead.

Sophie-Anne must have seen the slight look of fear in my eyes, because she smiled at her advantage and continued, “Oh, have no fear dear William. As you know, I am able to enthrall my children to me, keeping them from ever leaving my side,” she explained with a flourish of her hand towards her favorite child, Andre, the only other vampire in the room, and continued, “and Lorena could command your devotion to her when you were at her side. It is no shock to me, that you would have some abilities to enthrall others as well. Dangerous, though it might be,” she said smiling toothily.

“Tell me, dear William,” she said as she once again took her seat on her throne. “Does your gift work with humans as well?” she asked with feigned disinterest, but I could see the true significance in her eyes, even if I could not place why it would matter.

“Yes,” I answered cautiously, “it has always been quite easy to glamor and influence humans to my wishes.” I could not see what this had to do with anything, but forced myself to wait for the queen to reveal her intent.

Sophie-Anne studied me once more, then leaned forward and said, “Yes, I think you would do quite nicely for a little project I have in mind.” Her sly smile returned as she sat back in her throne and continued, “Yes, you were even from Bon Temps originally, were you not? It is almost like fate, no?” she asked turning to Andre. As ever, Andre remained silent, but did incline his head in the affirmative with an equally toothy smile to match his maker’s.

My curiosity got the better of me, “What does Bon Temps have to do with anything, your majesty?”

“I will accept your fealty to me, and offer you financing for your project, along with my protection, if … if, you do something for me. Your proposal of a database does have potential, and done correctly, I do agree it could be profitable. But in return for my own generous help to you, and to prove your loyalty to me, I will offer you another proposal,” Sophie-Anne said, motioning me closer.

The excitement of finally being able to move ahead with my project drove me forward and eagerly to my knees before my new queen, “What would you have me do, my queen?” I asked, savoring calling this powerful vampire, my queen.

A devious smile overtook Sophie-Anne’s face, “What do you remember of the Stackhouse family when you lived in Bon Temps?”

A/N: Thanks for reading so far! Please let me know what you think.

I have no idea how long most chapters will turn out to be, most will probably be longer. This did seem kind of short, but I think it was a good place to end it for the set-up of the story. I’m already working on chapter 2, so it should be up in a day or two. Also, I won’t have a bunch of long notes at the beginning of every chapter 😉

I just felt the need to try and get some things straight before I had a bunch of angry Eric-loving or Bill-loving fans running after me with literary pitchforks shouting their love for their favorite character and their hate for the “bad” character, lol. Personally, I don’t think there are any truly “bad” or “evil” characters, just different points of view and different sides of the story.

Chapter 2: First Meeting


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