Chapter 10: The Start of Something

Chapter 10: The Start of Something

For the next several days, I worked with the shifter, taking turns watching over Sookie to ensure her safety. Diane, Malcolm and Liam had been back once more two nights after Adele’s death, but after once again seeming uninterested in their visit, they became bored and left. Diane had pushed again for information about Sookie, but Malcolm respected my claim on Sookie and made Diane back off. I was thankful that their visit, though irritating, went by without incident.

The night before Adele’s funeral was to be held, I asked the shifter to watch Sookie longer into the evening and stopped by the local funeral home to say my own good-byes to Adele. She had been an interesting human to say the least, and I found myself oddly regretful that the funeral would not be held at night so that I could attend. I was surprised to see that I wasn’t the only one visiting the funeral home that night. The human that had introduced me at the Descendants of the Glorious Dead meeting, Mrs. Fortenberry, had also been there saying her own private farewells. It shouldn’t have been so surprising that so many others seemed as fond of Adele as I had been. She truly seemed to have been a remarkable human.

I was surprised at how normal it felt to chat with Mrs. Fortenberry. It felt strangely normal to speak to the human woman about the progress that was being made on my home. I found it even stranger how excited I felt at the prospect of filling my new kitchen with human things for Sookie. As I looked at Adele’s still form, I told myself that my sudden need to have Sookie closer was simply my need to fulfill a last promise to Adele that I would protect the girl, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to make myself actually believe this.

I kept my distance from Sookie for the next several days, knowing that Sookie needed time and space to grieve for her grandmother. No one had come near Sookie’s home again, so I could only hope that the killer had decided to leave Sookie alone, though I figured it was more likely that the killer was simply bidding his or her time.

Three days after the funeral had passed and I had not seen Sookie except from a distance. I had not heard from her either. I finally decided to approach her house and be the one to initiate contact. I was surprised when Sookie answered the door wearing only a long t-shirt. Her golden tresses hung in wet, tangled masses; obviously, she had just gotten out of the shower and was headed for bed.

“Come in,” she said gesturing into the room with a hand that held a towel.

“Are you sure?” I questioned, worried she would think the timing of my visit inappropriate.

She said simply, “Yes.”

As I came in, I took in the sight of many piles what I assumed were her grandmother’s belongings and many boxes. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“I cleaned out the bedroom today,” she answered. “I think I’ll move into it.” It made sense; I’m sure being the bigger room.

I was surprised at how much being close to Sookie increased the grief I was feeling from her. As strong as her grief was, there seemed to be such a strong, hollow feeling coming from her. I remembered that hollow emptiness well. It had plagued me for years after my turning. I had suffered not only my own mortal death, but I had lost my wife and family as well. That hollow emptiness had threatened to swallow me whole in the years after my turning, after the sharp grief at the loss of my family had dissipated. Sensing these same emotions coming from Sookie left me searching for any way to relieve her pain.

“Let me comb out your hair,” I finally told her, remembering how it always seemed to sooth my sister when we quarreled or she was upset. Try as I might, I could not lie to myself, it soothed me as well to simply be near Sookie and have an excuse to touch her.

She nodded, so I sat on the sofa, pulling the ottoman into position in front of me. She took her place in front of me, and I scooted forward, my legs framing hers on either side of her thighs. Slowly and carefully, I began to work the knots and tangles out of her long thick hair. I could both hear and feel her relax into me as I silently worked.

“I used to do this for my sister, Sarah,” I finally admitted to her, after searching for something to say. She had relaxed into me, but I could still feel the hollowness in her and I wanted to distract her from it, focus her mind on something. “She had hair darker than yours, even longer. She’d never cut it. When we were children, and my mother was busy, she’d have me work on Sarah’s hair,” I remembered aloud.

“Was Sarah younger than you, or older?” Sookie asked quietly. She still seemed to almost be in a trance.

“She was younger. She was three years younger,” I answered, surprised at how easy it seemed in some ways to talk about my human life. Perhaps Sookie wasn’t the only one in a trance.

“Did you have other brothers or sisters?”

“My mother lost two in childbirth,” I answered trying to remember that time of my life. I had tried so hard to forget everything about my human life, to close the door on what had been before. “I lost my brother, Robert, when he was twelve and I was eleven. He caught a fever, and it killed him. Now they would pump him full of penicillin, and he would be all right. But they couldn’t then. Sarah survived the war, she and my mother, though my father died while I was soldiering; he had what I’ve learned since was a stroke.” So few people really appreciate what blessed times they live in now, I thought to myself. “My wife was living with my family then, and my children …” It was as though once started, I was powerless to stop myself from reliving these painful memories with Sookie.

“Oh, Bill,” Sookie said sadly. I could feel her pity for me, and it was worse than the hollow emptiness she had been feeling.

“Don’t, Sookie,” I said, my tone coming out more coldly than I intended. I continued working on Sookie’s hair, trying to distract myself from thoughts that I had unintentionally dredged up. It was both comforting and terrifying how many memories of my human life Sookie tugged out of me.

After I had used Sookie’s towel to blot the excess moisture from her hair, I began to run my fingers through it, fluffing it out away from her head. I couldn’t seem to stop myself from my need to touch her, but from Sookie’s appreciative, “Mmmm,” I didn’t think she was complaining.

Simply touching her warm skin had my body hovering on the edge of arousal since my skin first made contact with hers, but the satisfied and content feelings from her, not to mention her moans of pleasure, were making me impossibly hard. Her pleased groans and moans were pushing me over the edge, and simple caresses and running my fingers through her hair were no longer enough. I wanted more. I needed more.

Slowly—giving her enough time to stop me—I lifted her hair away from her neck. Just as carefully, I placed my mouth at the nape of her neck. The smell was her usual sweet fragrance, but straight from the shower, it was somehow fresher, untainted by the other contaminating smells of the world. Her sweet scent alone was nearly intoxicating. I carefully moved from the nape of her neck, and took her earlobe in my teeth. Knowing how sensitive this particular organ is, I lingered there and laved it with some attention as I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her firmly back against me. I needed to feel her body, her heat, flush against my own cool body.

Wanting to see her eyes to gauge her reactions, I carefully lifted Sookie and turned her around. Her legs straddled my own comfortably as she settled into my lap and bent her head to mine in a kiss. It took all of my willpower to go slow, knowing she was inexperienced. I didn’t want to rush her; she seemed like a prize that was well worth a little patience. Her kisses were lacking in experience, but it had always been my belief that some women were born with an innate skill for it, and Sookie surprisingly seemed to be one. Quickly she settled into an easy rhythm, the movements of her tongue easily matching my own. My hands wanted desperately to wander, to explore the uncharted territories of her hot flesh. But I willed them to stay put at her side. I would have patience.

Our dueling lips were quickly leading me to the point of no return, and I had no intention of taking Sookie on a tacky, flower-patterned sofa. I stood with her body still encasing mine. “Where?” I asked her.

She pointed down the hall to the room she was clearing out, so I quickly carried her into the room and laid her on the bed. Stepping back, I quickly removed my clothes, my eyes never straying from the luscious body that would soon be laid out before me. As Sookie watched me undress, I could feel some of the embarrassment she was feeling, but her eyes never strayed from my form as she drank me in. Once I was bared to her, she quickly drew her nightshirt from her body and tossed it to the floor, baring herself as well.

My eyes roamed over her curves, taking in every inch of them. If my heart beat, I think it might have been pounding with the anticipation of soon having that body beneath my own. I lowered myself onto the bed beside her, eager to have my body close to hers.

“Oh, Bill,” she said, her voice sounding as anxious as my blood was telling me she felt, “I don’t want to disappoint you.”

I was touched at her worry, but something told me that all of her baser, primal skills were as innate as the skills of her kissing. “That’s not possible,” I whispered. I had heard every line that women had used, seen every trick they employed, but somehow I knew this demure, shy response from Sookie was no game. Somehow, I doubted very much that Sookie either knew or played any of those games that women played with men.

“I don’t know much,” she confirmed softly.

“Don’t worry. I know a lot.” I started to run my hands down her body, caressing my way to the source of her heat. Her body jerked away from mine and I wondered if she was bothered by the coolness of my skin.

“Will this be different from doing it with a regular guy?” she asked anxiously.

“Oh, yes.” Her eyes sought my own out in question. “It’ll be better,” I assured her, bending down to whisper in her ear. I enjoyed the shiver of excitement that my response sent through her.

Almost tentatively, she reached out and began to caress my erection. I couldn’t contain a moan of pleasure from escaping at the feel of her soft, warm hand delicately touching me. Soon she grew bolder, and wrapped her hand firmly around me, gently caressing me as my moans gave way to growls. My body was tense with need, but I was determined to hold on to my patience.

“Now?” she whispered, her own voice shaking with desire. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold myself back from claiming her for much longer.

“Oh, yes,” I answered, rolling my body over hers. My hand eased down between us, eager to ensure that she was fully prepared for me; she was wet with her need, so I began to slowly push into her—until I hit resistance. I stopped moving forward with great effort, knowing instantly it could only mean one thing.

“You should have told me,” I said gently, though it was taking nearly all of my effort to hold myself back.

“Oh, please don’t stop!” she begged.

“I have no intention of stopping,” I informed her grimly, knowing that I might well not be able to stop now. “Sookie … this will hurt,” I told her.

Sookie remained resolute, and pushed her hips up some. It took nearly all of my willpower not to delve into her; instead, I slowly pushed my way forward. I could see her holding her breath and biting her lip through the pain. I hated that this moment was to be marred by even a moment’s pain.

“Darling, how are you?” I asked, wanting to know if she was all right to continue. My muscles were shaking from the effort of holding back, she felt so tight and warm around me that I wanted to thrust in and out of her with wild abandon, but I refused to bring any woman pain during sex, especially not Sookie.

“Okay,” she answered. After another moment to adjust, she said, “Now,” and bit hard into my shoulder. The exquisite pain and just the possibility of her taking my blood in such a manner broke the resolve I had been desperately clinging to. With a gasp, I pulled back and plunged into her welcome heat again. There was no holding back now, but Sookie quickly began to move her body in time to my own thrusts, meeting my body, her muscles clenching me and pulling me deeper. I finally let my hands roam her body freely, feeling the exquisite heft of her breasts, the soft supple skin of her thighs, my hands took it all in as my mouth sampled her neck, her chests, her ears, and back to her mouth again.

I could feel that we were both nearing our climax. Sookie’s pants became more ragged as her hands found their way to my hips. Digging her nails into my flesh, she began pulling me closer, desperate to take all of me. “Oh, please, Bill, please!” she cried out.

The delectable pain of her nails in my flesh urged me onwards, and shifting my hips, I found the perfect angle. As she began to reach her peak, I sank my fangs into her neck, drawing on her delicious blood, and reaching my own peak. “Yes!” she cried out as I drew on the wounds at her neck.

My body collapsed on top of hers, a sated heap. When I had finally recovered from the intoxicating combination of her body and her blood, I moved to the side to allow her to breathe more deeply. As I leaned up on my elbow and caressed her stomach, I said in wonder, “I am the first.” I knew she had been inexperienced, but I had never dreamed that such a beautiful form was completely untouched.

“Yes,” she answered shortly.

“Oh, Sookie,” I said, bending to kiss her throat. I was shocked at this development. What did it mean that she had given herself first to me?

“You could tell I don’t know much, but was that all right for you? I mean, about par with other women at least? I’ll get better,” she said in a quiet rush.

“You can get more skilled, Sookie, but you can’t get any better,” I told her honestly, remembering the way she had bit into my shoulder, and the way her body had fully encased mine. “You’re wonderful.”

“Will I be sore?” she wondered.

“I know you’ll think this odd, but I don’t remember. The only virgin I was ever with was my wife, and that was a century and a half ago …” I tried to remember the details of our wedding night and the next day, “yes, I recall, you will be very sore. We won’t be able to make love again for a day or two,” I recollected to her. Her body would need time to heal from the tearing.

“Your blood heals,” she observed shyly.

I was shocked and excited by the ingenuousness of her simple but shrewd observation. “So it does,” I replied. “Would you like that?”

“Sure. Wouldn’t you?”

“Yes,” I answered, barely able to contain my excitement. I had already begun to resign myself to only having her once this night, but her eagerness fed my own. I brought my arm to my mouth and bit into it. I wasn’t surprised when Sookie cried out at the action, but I was too eager to stop. I quickly dipped my finger into the blood and began rubbing the blood into Sookie to repair the tearing. I made sure that the blood was applied well so that she would heal properly.

“Thanks, I’m better now,” she said when the tearing had healed.

I kept my finger moving, hoping to bring her to my own state of arousal. Her idea of using my blood to heal her was almost like a vampire’s thoughts, and even the feel of myself biting into my own arm had reminded me of the feel of her blunt teeth biting into my shoulder earlier and had brought me to quite the state of excitement and arousal.

“Oh, would you like to do it again so soon? Can you do that?” she questioned eagerly.

I was amused at her almost childlike enthusiasm. “Look and see,” I told her as I guided her hand down to my arousal.

“Tell me what you want me to do,” she whispered back.

I settled onto my back pulling her towards me. “I want you to take me into you, take all of me,” I whispered huskily to her. I wanted to see her body moving over mine.

Eagerly, she climbed onto me and began to take me in. I was certainly right; she had an almost innate sense of how to move her body to bring both of us the most pleasure. I gently used my hands to steady and guide her movements, but her body instinctively knew how to dance this dance. I knew I shouldn’t take her blood again, but as I was nearing my peak, I sat up to bring my chest into full contact again with hers, desperate to feel her warm flesh flush against mine. As I was nipping at her neck, she cried out, “Do it!” and I couldn’t hold back, I drove my fangs into her flesh, once again sampling her sweet blood.

Stretched out in the bed behind her, I couldn’t stop my fingers from running up and down the skin of her upper arm. I could feel her slowly drifting off to sleep, and I was basking in the simple feel of her warm skin beneath my fingertips. As sunrise was finally nearing, I eased my way out of her bed and back into my clothes.

As I made my way across the cemetery, I couldn’t help but feel pleased with the progress I had made. Surely, with tonight’s development, I had finally planted myself firmly in Sookie’s life. It should prove easy to continue gaining her trust from this night forward. But I couldn’t help the uneasy thought that perhaps in taking her for her first time I had done something wrong, or that the timing was wrong.

I had enjoyed every exquisite moment of her body beneath mine—and above mine—but then why did I feel like I had wronged her?

A/N: Well, here’s the next chapter of Bill. It was surprisingly hard to write a sex scene from a male perspective. Hopefully I did it justice though, but please let me know what you thought of it!

If you haven’t seen, I’ve started an Eric and Sookie centric story too. I’ll be working on both of those stories now. I’m having a blast writing this story, but I always feel like I need to put so much time into planning and thinking about how to write this one since I’m trying to write directly within cannon, so it’s kinda fun to write this new story that’s post Dead in the Family. It gives me a lot more freedom to take the story wherever I want. (Though I’m not 100% sure where that is yet!) Anyway, give it a look too if you haven’t and let me know what you think.

Please let me know how I did writing lemons from a male POV!

Chapter 11: The Games We Play


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