Chapter 5: Unwanted Visitors

Chapter 5: Unwanted Visitors

As I started walking through the cemetery separating the Stackhouse and Compton lands, I stopped as a peculiar scent caught my attention. The shifter. My nose wrinkled in distaste at the smell. Obviously, the shifter felt the need to trail Sookie and myself on our walk. I had not smelled him before, so apparently, the shifter had stayed far enough away and downwind to avoid my detection earlier, but I was sure that he had stalked us during our walk.

“What is your business here shifter,” I hissed towards him, waiting for him to show himself. For a few moments, there was no answer, and I imagined the shifter was weighing the possibilities of making a quick escape. “Come out now!” I said forcefully.

The shifter, still in dog form, slunk out from the shadows of the tree line. After he had come to stand before me, he shifted back into human form. “I told you to stay away from Sookie,” he seethed.

“Sookie seems to enjoy my company. I think we shall let her be the judge of whether or not I stay away from her,” I replied.

For several moments, the shifter seemed to measure what he should say. I wondered what his attachment to the girl was. It was apparent that he had some kind of fondness for the girl, but I wondered if he knew the truth about the girl. Was that his reason for his fondness? He was a Supe, and was around the girl on a regular basis, surely he at least suspected something. She clearly didn’t even smell wholly human.

It seemed the shifter was still weighing what to say, so in frustration at his silence, I spoke first. “You know that the girl is not altogether human, do you not?” I questioned curiously.

I could see that the shifter was gathering himself to deny this, but I was not fooled, I had seen that look of surprise on his face. Even if only for a moment. I cast a glare at him and held up my hand to stall whatever lies he might say.

Sighing, the shifter asked, “How did you find out?”

“She told me.”

The shifter looked at me dubiously, but then conceded with a nod. “Because you saved her,” he said quietly.

I made no movement to answer.

“Sookie doesn’t really talk about what she can do,” the shifter began, running his hand through his hair again.

“Maybe she doesn’t talk to you about it,” I interrupted.

Glaring at me, he continued, “Like I was saying, she doesn’t talk about it, but it’s not too hard to figure, if you know what you’re looking for. Most people don’t want to believe what she can do, or they’re afraid of what she might hear if they do believe,” he said with a shrug.

“You clearly know what she can do, yet you do not seem overly concerned about what she might hear from you,” I said, still curious about his attachment to the girl.

Once again shrugging, he said, “I’ve got nothing to hide, so what do I care if Sook hears me.” He looked at me curiously for a moment then asked, “What about you? I wouldn’t think most vampires would be very excited about someone who could hear their thoughts.”

“She cannot hear my thoughts,” I said simply. Of this, I was now sure. If she had heard my thoughts tonight, she would have shown some sign of it.

The shifter seemed surprised by this, and considered it for a moment. “So what do you want with Sookie then?”

Of course, I could not tell anyone the truth about my task in Bon Temps, so I told him what seemed to be my mantra now. “I am mainstreaming. I wish to live here, and I enjoy the girl’s company, and more importantly, she seems to enjoy my company.” I could not help the little dig, and sure enough, the shifter let a small growl escape.

I held up my hand again to forestall the shifters words, by the look on his face they would only be some further threats about staying away from the girl. “The girl is perfectly safe with me, so stifle your yipping, shifter. As long as the girl wants my company, she shall have it. You have no standing in the girl’s life other than as her employer, and no right to continue stalking the girl. I will expect you to keep your distance from now on, unless the girl belongs to you?”

I knew she didn’t belong to the shifter, and he even looked appalled that I would suggest it, but he also knew he had no basis to keep me from the girl. She was free in the Supe world, though she wouldn’t be for long.

I continued on, “I suggest you allow the girl space to make her own decisions.” I had no intention of letting her make on choice other than me, but if the illusion of choice would put her and the shifter at ease, so be it. I’d considered simply getting rid of the shifter, with his annoying questions, but he could be a good ally. He had an attachment to the girl, and had the ability to be around during the day. A part of me said I wouldn’t have the girl to myself for long enough to be concerned about this, but the calculating part of my mind said to never dismiss someone who could be an ally, no matter how slim that chance.

The shifter seemed to except my words. We nodded to each other, and he shifted before turning and running into the woods again. It was an uneasy truce, but a truce nonetheless for now. I looked back towards the Stackhouse property again, considering whether or not I should check on the girl again before I returned to my own home for the rest of the evening, but I dismissed it. The girl was safe for the evening, and I could sense if she was in danger. I returned to my old home, determined to finish work soon on my light-tight space so I could cease sleeping in the ground.

After I had showered the next evening, I began tidying up my home. I could not clearly remember courting in my human life, but thought surely the girl would not be impressed by messiness. I had noticed that the Stackhouse residence was quite clean for humans of this era, so I was sure this would be appreciated. As I moved things about, and lit candles throughout the sitting room, I thought about how much easier it would be if the girl could be glamored. Then this charade of courtship would not be necessary.

A car pulling up caught my attention. It was somewhat earlier than I was expecting Sookie, but I was happy at the thought that she was coming so soon in the evening. As I moved by the window to make my way towards the door, I saw that I was mistaken.

Malcolm, Diane, another vampire, and two humans stepped out of a Lincoln Continental and made their way towards the front door. This was the worst possible timing for them to come by. They were not overly friendly towards humans, and would not make a good impression on Sookie. I wanted to introduce Sookie to vampire culture, so to speak, at some point, but I doubted she was yet ready for it.

I quickly grabbed my cell phone, calling the Stackhouse residence. Adele had thankfully given me the number the night before to coordinate my talk at her club. Unfortunately, after questioning Adele, I discovered that Sookie had been called in to work this afternoon. As I hung up the phone, a knock came at the front door. I had hoped to make a quick call to the shifter’s bar to ask Sookie to come another night, but I knew it was best not to keep Malcolm waiting. He was notoriously impatient.

I opened the front door, and waited to see what these particular vampires wanted.

Malcolm looked me over for a moment before saying, “Why dear William, aren’t you going to invite us in?”

“Yeah Bill, it’s not polite to leave us standing in the cold,” added Diane in a sultry tone, fingering the top edge of her spandex bra. Her only other clothing was spandex leggings. I had seen Diane in less, but that didn’t mean I approved of her wardrobe choice.

“Of course, come in,” I said in a stiff voice. I had little choice in the matter. Diane and from the looks of the other vampire, were both younger than myself, but Malcolm was somewhere around 300 years old. I would never stand in a fair fight against the three of them, so politeness was my only choice. Perhaps they would grow bored quickly and leave.

The three vampire and two humans made their way into my sitting room and made themselves comfortable. Diane took the opportunity to run her hand down my chest as she passed me, but I gave no reaction to her.

My maker had had some affinity for Malcolm in my younger days as they were roughly the same age, both around 300 now, and about sixty years after my turning, we had made our way back to Louisiana to see Queen Sophie-Anne in New Orleans. Malcolm had been there in New Orleans with his newest child, Diane. Malcolm had little interest in the female gender, but took a liking to the idea of a black child, a Negress, as they were known at the time. Having a black female companion was quite shocking to the humans of the South in the twenties, which Malcolm adored. She had been wild, even as a human and that drew Malcolm as well.

Diane had been newly turned then, and being relatively young myself, we had both been filled with lust. Malcolm rarely took female companions to his bed, even his own child, but had encouraged me to take his child. It had been simply fucking, even then in my mind, and it was nothing to me now. There was nothing about Diane that enticed me, but unfortunately, Diane seemed to like the pursuit of vampires who were uninterested in her.

I pushed Diane away saying in disgust, “You should put some clothes on, you look like a cheap prostitute.”

Diane only laughed and said, “Oh, have I upset your human sensibilities Bill?”

Malcolm had seated himself on the sofa and pulled the male human onto his lap, stroking his chest, but watching me carefully over the human’s shoulder.

“Why have you come here?” I asked Malcolm, as I still stood in the doorway to the sitting room.

“Why, to see you dear William. I can’t believe you move back to Louisiana and don’t stop in to see your dear friends Malcolm and Diane.” I looked over at the other vampire who was currently standing behind the sofa staring at the other human, who had strewn herself on my other sofa. Malcolm saw where my gaze shifted and added, “This is our nest-mate Liam, he’s been with us for nearly fifty years now.”

We nodded to each other, but Liam continued to stare hungrily at the female human. He appeared rather young, and was obviously still quite hungry. It reminded me of my own thirst. I had chosen to ready my house for Sookie’s visit before feeding for the evening, which consisted of drinking cold TrueBlood I kept in a cooler until my electricity was properly working.

“I am mainstreaming,” I told Malcolm. “I wish to live a quiet existence here, away from other vampires,” I added, trying to remain respectful.

“Ha, mainstreaming is a joke Bill, all that nasty synthetic blood. Come on, we could have some fun, just like the good old days,” Diane said, once again rubbing her hands along my body and fingering what little material covered her body.

Once again, I pushed Diane away. I made a quick trip into the bathroom, grabbing a discarded shirt and tossed it at Diane. “Cover up.”

Diane put it on, though she didn’t bother buttoning it, with a smirk as she said, “Whatever you say Bill.”

I wondered how Malcolm even knew I had returned to Louisiana and Bon Temps in specific, and wondered if Sheriff Northman hadn’t sent them to check on me. I wondered if that was his standard mode of operation, or if he was suspicious of me. I would have to tread carefully regardless. Neither the Northman, nor Malcolm were vampires that I wanted as enemies.

If Malcolm was here on the Sheriff’s orders, I was even more determined to keep Sookie away. Sophie-Anne’s orders had been clear that she wanted the girl for herself, and would not share her with her sheriff. I was still uncomfortable with the idea of circumventing the area sheriff to acquire an asset from his area for her, but they were my orders, and if Sophie-Anne didn’t want to share the girl with the Northman, that was her business. I wondered if the Northman would challenge his queen over a human, even a gifted human, but apparently, it was a chance the queen wasn’t willing to take.

Diane had begun to wander around the sitting room, feigning interest in the furnishing, which were still sparse, and neither Liam nor Malcolm seemed to have anything more to say, though Malcolm continued to watch me over the human’s shoulder as he continued his ministrations on him. More and more I was convinced this was a visit mandated by the sheriff.

I nodded politely to Malcolm saying, “I need to step upstairs for a moment.”

As no one acknowledged my words, I went upstairs. I hoped it would put enough distance between myself and the other’s that I wouldn’t be overheard.

“Merlotte’s Bar and Grill,” came the shifter’s voice as I placed my call.

“I wish to speak to Sookie,” I said as loud as I dared so the others wouldn’t overhear downstairs.

“She already left,” was the shifter’s tense reply.

I hung up without further comment. I could hear Diane making her way to the bottom of the stairs, so I knew I would not have time to try calling the Stackhouse residence again. As I descended the stairs, I brushed by Diane without comment. I was tired of her advances already. Perhaps it was being in my human home again, but I found myself missing the kind innocence of women from my human days.

Striding into the sitting room, I sat in the armchair in the corner, determined to simply wait for Malcolm and his nest to grow bored and leave. Hopefully Sookie would go home after work and not come here, or perhaps they would leave before she had a chance to arrive.

Hearing another car pull up, I knew I would not get that lucky. I shifted to stand and greet Sookie, and hopefully politely ask her to come another night as I currently had guests, even if they were uninvited, but Malcolm flicked his wrist at me saying, “Oh, no worries William, Diane will get the door.”

I remained in my seat, determined to show no hint of emotion. If I showed interest in Sookie, Malcolm and Diane might decide it would be great sport to try and play with her as well, and their idea of playing would not appeal to Sookie no doubt.

Sookie’s steps never faltered as she climbed the stairs to my front door, though I could feel nervousness and apprehension from her.

Diane opened the door as soon as the knock sounded on the door. “Hey, little human chick,” Diane said in her normal sultry voice. I remained sitting, though I could feel Sookie’s fear and apprehension grow. I hoped she would simply decide to come back another time, but of course, she pushed on. I was amazed at her bravery, even in the face of the fear I knew her to be feeling.

I still could not see Sookie from where I was sitting, but I could see Diane’s back as she leaned in towards her as she spoke. “Hi! I was supposed to drop by tonight and give Bill some infor mation. Is he available?” she asked in a rather bright voice. Had she not had my blood, I would think she was completely fearless.

Diane laughed then shouted over her shoulder, “This little human gal here says she has some information for you, Bill!” I felt relief from Sookie before Diane continued on, “You wanna see this little thing? Or shall I just give her a love bite?”

I realized from the determination I felt from Sookie that she wouldn’t be leaving without talking to me. Thinking once again about my maker’s lessons, I decided that I could try to find the benefit from even this situation. This was perhaps not how I wanted to introduce to other vampires, but perhaps I could use Malcolm and Diane to make her see the dangers in other vampires, and therefore elevate myself in her opinion. She would see that I was the better suitor and that I would continue to protect her.

“Let her in,” I told Diane quietly as I stood up and leaned against the wall leading towards the back of the house. I wanted to be able to move quickly if I needed to, but still appear aloof towards this human. I still didn’t wish to tip my hand, as they say, with the others and let them know that I had any kind of interest in the girl, not unless I had to.

Sookie made her way into the sitting room, taking in the sight of my unwelcome guests, and then finally her eyes landed on me. I was surprised at the relief she felt when she saw me.

“Well, we can have a wonderful evening now,” Malcolm said in an excited voice. “Is this a little friend of yours, Bill? She’s so fresh.” He always did love anything fresh, though preferably male.

“If you’ll just excuse me and Bill a minute,” Sookie said in a very polite even tone, a tight smile gracing her face, “I’ve been arranging for workmen for the house.” She took a few more steps towards me, with her eyes locked on mine, almost pleading.

“And we heard Bill was on a diet of synthetic blood only,” Liam said speaking for the first time tonight, “Guess we heard wrong, Diane.”

Diane looked Sookie over closely then said, “I’m not so sure. She looks like a virgin to me.”

Sookie took a few more steps towards me; I could feel her emotions, begging me to intercede. Unless Sookie was claimed by a single vampire, she would be considered fair game for any vampire, and I could not stand the thought of another tasting her sweet blood in this moment. I knew I had an opening by her asking me to act, so without hesitation, I took it. “Sookie is mine,” I said coldly. Sookie looked at me, but wisely did not say anything to counter my claim.

“How good you been taking care of our Bill?” Diane asked snidely.

“None of your fucking business,” Sookie answered, though she still wore her tight smile. I didn’t approve of a woman like Sookie using such language, but couldn’t help but admire her spirit, even in the face of vampires.

Malcolm seemed to find Sookie quite amusing thankfully, and threw back his head in laughter, and his nest-mates and the humans soon followed suit. Sookie continued to move closer as I kept my eyes trained on her, though I wished with all of my might that she would simply leave whatever information she had and go. It was still three vampires to only me, and I didn’t want Malcolm to decide that he had an interest in Sookie. I could see Malcolm continue to study Sookie from the corner of my eye.

“You have a funny smile,” Malcolm finally said. I had noticed this early on as well, but upon studying the girl, had decided that it was simply a nervous habit.

“Oh, Malcolm,” said Diane. “All human women look funny to you.”

Malcolm seemed to dismiss Sookie, and pulled the human to him for a kiss before pushing him away again and saying, “This is true, but there is something rare about this one. Maybe she has rich blood.”

I could tell Malcolm was trying to goad me into a reaction since I had never claimed a human as my own before and was trying to discern why I had chosen this one. I schooled my features to remain impassive to give away nothing.

“Aw,” said the human woman, finally speaking, “That’s just crazy Sookie Stackhouse.”

Sookie looked the woman over in confusion, but then seemed to place her somehow, though she said nothing. The woman sat up on the sofa, and was now being rubbed by and in return rubbing Liam. This was not really strange behavior for many vampires, but I could immediately feel Sookie’s embarrassment, and see her face turn pale at the exchange between Liam and the human.

Malcolm was still looking intently at Sookie. “She’s innocent,” he said with excitement.

“She’s mine,” I hissed at Malcolm. I would not, and could not let anyone have this girl. Anyone, but the queen my mind added, almost as an afterthought.

“Now, Bill, you can’t tell me you’ve been getting everything you need from that little thing,” Diane said joining Malcolm in his goading. “You look pale and droopy. She ain’t been taking good care of you.” Still, Sookie continued to inch towards me.

“Here,” offered Diane, with a smirk, “have a taste of Liam’s woman or Malcolm’s pretty boy, Jerry.” The human woman ignored Diane and continued to work on Liam; now unzipping his pants, but the other human immediately came to stand in front of me. I knew it was considered rude to deny the offer of blood from another vampire’s human, but I had intended to until the human wrapped his arms around my neck and pressed his face into my neck as well. My hunger was rapidly taking over, I needed to feed. The human licked my neck, and I felt my fangs slip out in response. I continued to look at Sookie, and I could feel her nearly overwhelming emotions, but my hunger was overwhelming. My body shook with the effort of restraining myself, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep holding back, so I leaned down towards the waiting blood right under my nose.

“No! He has the Sino-virus!” Sookie shouted, once again stepping towards me.

I looked up from the human’s neck, my body breathing heavily in a very human response to my effort, but my fangs immediately retracted when Sookie’s words registered.

“Sino-AIDS,” Sookie said, as though she needed to clarify. Of course, all vampires were aware of the dangerous effects of the Sino-virus. It could leave, especially a young vampire like myself, weak for a month, even more after feeding from an infected human. That meant we were weak to an attack from almost anyone. I looked over at Malcolm to gauge whether or not this had been his intent, and trap they were luring me into, but from the anger apparent on his face and the others, I knew he had fed from the human too.

Without warning, the human launched himself at Sookie, wrapping his hands around her neck and pressing her against the wall. As he pulled his arm back to strike Sookie, I stepped behind him and grabbed his arm. “Let go of her throat,” I hissed. The human seemed to freeze, and made no move to let Sookie go. Malcolm had moved in as well, and grabbed the human by the legs as I held his hand. Sookie made a whimpering sound and I could feel her emotions swirling around. When her eyes began to get unfocused, I snapped the human’s wrist, causing him to collapse.

As I stepped in front of Sookie to examine her throat, Malcolm picked up the human and threw his unconscious body back onto the sofa where they had been sitting. I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was focused on glaring at the human, likely trying to decide the best way to kill him. Sookie’s emotions continued to fly around too fast for me to even discern, so I focused on softly massaging the area that was already bruising. It was my fault that the human even laid a hand on her, but I had still been shocked by Sookie’s revelation, and in part trying to figure out how to cover up how it was I knew Sookie had gotten the information. I was still struggling with what to say. I placed a finger gently across her lips, silently pleading with her to remain quiet.

I put my arm around her, and turned to face the room.

“This has all been very entertaining,” Liam said as the human continued to give him a hand-job. “But I think we should be driving back to Monroe. We have to have a little talk with Jerry when he wakes up, right, Malcolm?”

Thankfully, Malcolm seemed too angry to say anything, and simply nodded as he threw the human over his shoulder.

I thought luck would be on my side until Diane said, “But fellas, we haven’t found out how this little gal knew.”

Diane was infuriating and tacky, but she was smarter than many vampires gave her credit for, another reason Malcolm had chosen to turn her.

Liam climaxed, and then said, “Thanks, Janella. That’s a good question, Malcolm. As usual, our Diane has cut to the quick.” The nest-mates shared a small laugh, and then eyed Sookie suspiciously.

“You can’t speak yet, can you, sweetheart?” I said, squeezing Sookie’s shoulder so she would know to play along. She took the hint and shook her head.

“I could probably make her talk,” Diane offered.

“Diane, you forget,” I reminded her.

“Oh, yeah. She’s yours,” Diane replied, though she didn’t back away.

I had been polite thus far, but now I said in a clear voice, “We’ll have to visit some other time,” making it clear that I expected them to leave. I had been more than hospitable, and though I had protected Sookie, I feared that their visit had set our courtship back.

Liam zipped up his pants, saying, “Out, Janella, we’re being evicted.”

Malcolm walked out the front door without another word. I was glad he seemed too angry with the human to really process how Sookie knew what she knew.

As Diane followed the others out she said, “I’ll leave you two lovebirds on your own, then. It’s been fun, honey,” and then slammed the door closed.

I watched Sookie carefully. Her emotions were still a tangled mess to me. The instant the car started and began to pull away however, the last bit of strength seemed to drain out of Sookie, and she fainted. Moving quickly, I scooped her up and placed her gently on the sofa, trying to figure out if Sookie was seriously injured, or merely overwhelmed.

She was only out for the briefest of moments before she came to gagging. I helped her bend over the edge of the sofa, but she quickly regained her composure somewhat. She seemed merely overwhelmed. “Do vampires act like that?” she whispered, her voice hoarse. “They were horrible.”

“I tried to catch you at the bar when I found out you weren’t at home,” I explained. “But you’d left.” Nothing seems to go as I planned for it to when this girl was involved. What was it about her that causes everything to go wrong?

Her emotions seemed to spill over, and tears began to fall. I had not been around a crying female since I was human, but seemed to remember that my wife usually liked to be left alone until she could compose herself again. I merely handed her a handkerchief from my pocket and sat on the floor until she could regain her composure.

The silence, punctuated only by her crying was unnerving, compelling me to say something. “When vampires live in nests,” I said suddenly, desperate to break the silence, and try to explain our behavior to her, “they often become more cruel because they egg each other on. They see others like themselves constantly, and so they are reminded of how far from being human they are. They be come laws unto themselves. Vampires like me, who live alone, are a little better reminded of their former humanity.”

She said nothing, but seemed to be calming somewhat, so I continued, “Sookie, our life is seducing and taking and has been for centuries, for some of us. Synthetic blood and grudging hu man acceptance isn’t going to change that overnight—or over a decade. Diane and Liam and Malcolm have been together for fifty years.” I could feel how disturbed she was by the experience, and was desperate to at least somewhat repair the damage.

“How sweet,” she said bitterly, “Their golden wedding anniversary.”

“Can you forget about this?” I wondered aloud, looking Sookie closely in the eye, trying vainly to see if I could take the memory from her.

“I don’t know,” she said quietly. “Do you know, I didn’t know if you could do it?”

“Do …?” I questioned.

“Get— ” she stopped, and her cheeks colored in embarrassment, “An erection,” she continued looking away.

It was a struggle not to laugh or smile as I replied, “You know better now. We can have sex, but we can’t make children or have them. Doesn’t it make you feel better, that Diane can’t have a baby?” I asked, nearly shuddering at the absurd thought.

“Don’t—you—laugh—at—me,” she said, her temper flaring.

“Oh, Sookie,” I said almost fondly, moving to touch her cheek. She jerked away from me, and stumbled to her feet. I remained on the floor, and did not move to touch her again.

I watched Sookie move towards the door and picked up her purse. She pulled a piece of paper out of it and laid it on the table by the door saying, “I have to go.”

I moved quickly to stand before her, “Can I kiss you good-bye?” I asked. She had kissed me the night before, and I was finding that to be a pleasant part of courting.

“No,” she said vehemently. “I can’t stand it after them.”

I didn’t understand. She had kissed me goodnight last night, and tonight I had proven to be a strong suitor by protecting her. Why wouldn’t she let me kiss her tonight? I pushed the thought of her irritating rejection aside and said, “I’ll come see you.”

“Yes. Maybe,” she answered.

I started to reach past her to open the door, but she flinched, then spun on her heel and ran for her car. I sighed at the less than ideal way the evening had turned out, and went back into my house. I decided that it might not be too late to make some phone calls, and started down the list that Sookie had left for me.

Thankfully, the contractors that she had left phone numbers for were expecting my call, and though weary, they were willing to come out and do estimates on work for the house.

Shortly after I had finished my last call, I heard another car pull up. In spite of myself, I hoped it might be Sookie coming back after she had calmed down enough to realize how well I had protected her, but when I answered the door, I was disappointed to see a dark-haired human.

“I heard you’re new in town,” she said in a sultry voice. She was wearing the same Merlotte’s uniform that Sookie wore, so she was obviously also a waitress. I vaguely remembered seeing her there the first night I had been in to watch Sookie.

I merely raised an eyebrow at her and waited.

“I figured you might be lonely and looking for some company,” she said, making an all too obvious effort to thrust her chest out at me.

My mood had turned sour the instant I had opened the door to yet another unwanted visitor, especially when I had gotten my hopes up that it might be Sookie.

“You think you can provide company for a vampire,” I said coolly.

“Honey, I can provide you all kinds of company,” she replied reaching out and running her hand down my arm.

I grabbed her arm and pulled her downward, making her look up at even more of an angle at me. “It is not wise to touch a vampire without permission,” I hissed down at her.

I could smell alcohol on her breath as she answered, “I’ll touch you anywhere you give me permission to.”

I pushed her away and hissed, “Get out,” before slamming the door closed.

As she cursed and walked back to her car, I wondered to myself why I didn’t take her for a fuck and feed. She was more than willing, and though I had had several TrueBloods, they did not meet all of our needs. Sookie would likely be unwilling for some time, so why not feed on the other barmaid? I pushed the thought of what Sookie might think if I did feed on that woman out of my head, and returned irritably to fixing my sleeping space.

I was more than frustrated with Sookie tonight, and wanted to push her from my thoughts for now. I would start over again with the girl tomorrow if I had to, though I hoped I didn’t.

A/N: As always, let me know what you think, I love to hear from you guys! Do you remember whom it was that went to visit Bill that night after Sookie and the others left? It is mentioned in the book, but not discussed a whole lot; I for one tend to forget it altogether.



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