Chapter 2: How the Story Ends

Part 2: How the Story Ends

In a flash, I was standing outside Sookie’s farmhouse in Bon Temps again. I turned around and stared at it, it remarkably still looked exactly the same.

The door came crashing open and running out came my lover.

I was stunned.

I couldn’t even move as she gasped out, “Oh God Eric, I’m so sorry. Please don’t leave! You know I didn’t mean it, I was just mad! I didn’t mean it! Please don’t leave! I won’t let my pride come between us. I need you; I need you in my life more than anything. I’ll do anything, just don’t go!” She had launched herself at me and was clutching my shirtfront like a lifeline, sobbing into my chest.

“Sookie?” I asked uncertainly. How could this be? She died; I felt her die. Nevertheless, looking down, I saw we were both still dressed in the clothes we were wearing the night of our fight.

Could it be? Could it be that it was all my imagination, or perhaps a vision of what might happen?

Either way, relief, happiness, and most of all love flooded my entire being as I crushed Sookie to my chest. “Forgive me, my love; can you ever forgive me for letting my pride push you away? I love you as you are. I accept all that you are, and I won’t let us waste a single moment. Whatever time we are given, we will spend it to its fullest,” I said while rubbing my cheek into her hair and clutching her to my body. I couldn’t be close enough to her; I couldn’t get enough of her scent into my body.

Sookie looked up at my in surprise. “You love me?” she squeaked in surprise. I simply smiled at her indulgently. Happiness flooded the bond from her as her arms went around my neck. I pulled her up, and placed her legs about my waist. “I love you too Eric!” she said breathily, “and I want to be with you forever! I don’t want anything to happen to you because I die,” she said with conviction.

I felt my eyes widen at her proclamation, and everything she had implied.

I won’t lie, part of me wanted nothing more than to follow through on her wish and make her my child right then. However, would that be fair, would that be right, to change the very fundamentals of her being? Could I be that selfish?

Looking into her eyes, I saw love and devotion there, but I also saw the desperation there that I had felt in my own heart. Had she seen what I had seen, or something similar? Was this where her change of heart was coming from? No matter what, I once again knew what my answer would be.

“Perhaps one day, if you still wish it, I will turn you, but not now my love,” I told her softly, bringing my forehead to rest on hers so I could look deeply into her eyes.

I saw the confusion written there. “But I don’t understand. I was wrong Eric; it was just my stupid pride. I want you to turn me. I want to be with you forever!” she repeated with conviction.

“And my heart sings to hear you say that my love, but I will not do it now when both our emotions are so high. I will not even promise to do such a thing at this time. I will promise to love you with all of my heart for as long as I am allowed. If one day you still wish to be turned we will discuss it again,” I told her calmly, meaning every word. I would not screw up again. No matter what happened, I would cherish every moment we had, though I sincerely hoped it would indeed be an eternity.

Sookie wrapped her arms tighter around my neck and seemed to gaze even deeper into my eyes, “I understand, and I appreciate that you are trying to give me more time Eric, but I won’t change my mind,” she said, then continued in a whisper that I barely heard, “I’ve had so many years to regret my decision, and I’m not making the same mistake twice.”

It seemed my love had experienced something similar to what I had, and I could only wonder at what she had seen, but that thought flew from my mind as she ground her hips against mine and licked my lips. “Let’s go inside Mr. Northman, and you can show Mrs. Northman just what she might be getting if she did decide she wanted an eternity with him,” she said with a smirk and a wink.

We were in her bed before the smirk could fall from her lips, and I spent the night showing her again and again what we would have together, for the next year, ten years, sixty years, or for eternity if the gods so blessed us.

 I’ve always loved the song The Funeral of Hearts and it always makes me think of Eric and Sookie. It could easily be their theme song, lol.


3 responses to “Chapter 2: How the Story Ends

  1. Well… through me for a loop! I love twist and turns, but I would have never thought of this. Good one! Beautiful story and I loved the ending. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story.

  2. I seem to recall another chapter (or more of chapter 2) where she lives out her life and then is shown what happens with Eric after her death.. But either way, they are together, as they should be.

    • You might be thinking of the sort of companion short story that goes with this. An Ode for Cruelty is sort of like the flip side to this piece.

      Thanks for reading!

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