So Fell the Angels


Tabitha is the black sheep of the Winchesters: she works for the FBI. But when her brothers need her, she finds herself hunting with them again. Now she’s trying her best to help her brothers, but that’s easier said than done. So is trying to rebuild the relationship with them when she finds herself becoming closer with an angel instead. Starts in season 4  SisterFic and eventual Castiel/OC


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Nobody In Particular

After Dean dies and ends up in Hell, Tabitha takes a break from the FBI in an effort to help out her only remaining brother. But when Dean mysteriously returns from the grave, she begins to find herself getting pulled back into the world she thought she’d left behind a long time ago. A world that now includes angels. And one in particular.

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Angels on My Shoulders

Lucifer is free, and now there’s Hell for the Winchesters to pay. Not to mention needing to keep a low profile from the angels hunting them. Tabitha finds herself stuck between loyalty to her brothers, and trying to reconcile the feelings she may have for an angel—and the feelings he may have for her. Their feelings might not be so hard to sort out—if they weren’t trying to stop the Apocalypse or stop the angels that are rooting for it.

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Crooked He Did Fly

The Winchesters succeeded in achieving their greatest feat yet, they outsmarted the Devil himself and shoved him and Michael both back in the cage. But at tremendous cost and loss to the Winchester family. Now, after a year without his siblings, all Dean wants is for things to be the way they were before. Is it possible to ever get back what they once had? And how can he ever rebuild his broken family?


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Angels With Only One Wing

Collection of uncensored chapters from So Fell the Angels.AWOW Book Cover


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