Nobody In Particular


After Dean was drug to Hell, their sister came back to help Bobby in trying to look after Sam. Now Dean is back, and there’s a lot of new faces in the game. Tabitha is trying her best to help her brothers out, but that’s easier said than done, especially with the Apocalypse on the horizon. She’s trying to rebuild the relationship with her brothers, but she finds herself becoming friends with an angel instead.


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Chapter 1: Lazarus Rising

Chapter 2: Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Chapter 3: To Be Trusted Is a Greater Compliment

Chapter 4: …Than Being Loved

Chapter 5: In the End, There Is the Truth

Chapter 6: As It Was In the Beginning…

Chapter 7: Everything Can Change

Chapter 8: Just One of Many

Chapter 9: Friendly Conversations

Chapter 10: Halloween: The Resurrection

Chapter 11: I Know You…

Chapter 12: …Don’t I?

Chapter 13: Making the Smart Choice

Chapter 14: Just a Kiss

Chapter 15: School’s Out

Chapter 16: Knocks Me Off My Feet

Chapter 17: Stay With Me (Censored Version)

Chapter 18: Sex, Lies, and Bronze Knives

Chapter 19: I Am Become Death

Chapter 20: In the End, We’re All Alone

Chapter 21: Gazing Into the Abyss

Chapter 22: Caught Up in the Rapture

Chapter 23: Prayin’ Won’t Do You No Good

Chapter 24: The Rising of The Morning Star


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