Part 3 to So Fell the Angels now up!

Check out the the first chapter of Part III to So Fell the Angels. Part III is called Crooked He Did Fly.


Chapter 1: Angels Flying Too Close to the Ground


Thanks everyone for reading!


The Final Chapter of my Southern Vampire Mysteries Fanfiction

Well, I know it’s been forever and ever, but I finally sat down the other day and wrote out the final chapter for A Change Is Gonna Come

So, without further ado, I give you:


Chapter 31: If I Could Change the Future

My New Year’s Eve Present

Here’s my New Year’s Eve present to all of you.

It’s a filler chapter for my Supernatural Fic. It’s a filler, but it’s still pretty good.


Chapter 9: Friendly Conversations


Happy New Year’s to all!


Finally, a new chapter for A Change is Gonna Come

*hides* I really am sorry for how long it’s taken! But on to the chapter, my excuses are in the author’s note.



Chapter 30: Trust to Change